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Staxus: Max Grey, Sivan Ozzi (Foreskin Fuckers) (Bareback)

Staxus: Max Grey, Sivan Ozzi: Foreskin Fuckers

Data Released: Jan 14, 2018 (Staxus: Max Grey, Sivan Ozzi: Foreskin Fuckers)

You can’t help but get the slight impression that bespectacled beauty, Max Grey, is almost a little bit disappointed in his buddy’s erection at the start of this top-notch encounter with Sivan Ozzi. Not that the young lad doesn’t enjoy the feel of his mate’s hard-on in his mouth as the two of them savour the delights of foreplay on the sofa together. But Ozzi’s burgeoning hardness does prevent his mate from making the most of all that delicious foreskin that he has wrapped around the end of his handsome joystick; and having clearly relished running his tongue playfully around Ozzi’s prepuce, Grey finally has to admit defeat and concentrate on giving a more conventional blowjob. …

Staxus: Boris Lang, Charlie Keller, Ezra Gibson (Raw Skaters) (Bareback)

Staxus: Boris Lang, Charlie Keller, Ezra Gibson: Raw Skaters

Data Released: Jan 7, 2018 (Staxus: Boris Lang, Charlie Keller, Ezra Gibson: Raw Skaters)

Is there anything more enjoyable for a young skater-boy – other than being on his wheels, of course! – than to hang out with his mates and share a beer? Well, what about sharing each other’s hard cocks? That’s certainly the route that this trio of horned-up buddies heads down when Icelandic beauty, Charlie Keller, teams up with Ezra Gibson and Boris Lang for the kind of hot, sweaty, intimate gang-bonding session that we just know you’re gonna love. In all fairness, if Gibson and Lang have any idea what’s inside their mate’s tight-fitting jeans it’s no fucking wonder why they make a beeline for the lad’s crotch – Gibson being the first to unleash the Nordic monster, before Lang joins in so that they can both enjoy every inch of hard flesh with their lush, juicy lips. …

Staxus: Orri Gaul, Titus Snow (Fucking Pissed Off 2) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (Staxus: Orri Gaul, Titus Snow: Fucking Pissed Off 2)

It’s not everyone who gets the opportunity to personally thank a member of the emergency services who has helped them in a crisis situation – but that’s just what happens here when Titus Snow is able to demonstrate his gratitude to handsome fireman, Orri Gaul, for helping rescue his dog. No need for flowers or chocolates, though. Instead, Snow has his own very special reward in mind for the thick- lipped beauty; and needless to report he doesn’t waste much time in making his intentions clear. Not that you’d ever expect reticence from a fellow of Snow’s reputation, of course; and what’s more the initial thankful smooch is quickly reciprocated by Gaul, who’s quickly tearing off Snow’s pants so that he can fully savour every inch of his thankful buddy’s meaty ramrod. …

Staxus: James Kingston, Ron Negba (Pool Boy) (Bareback)

Staxus: James Kingston, Ron Negba: Pool Boy

Data Released: Dec 31, 2017 (Staxus: James Kingston, Ron Negba: Pool Boy)

You can’t help but get the distinct impression from the start of this terrific set-piece that young James Kingston is a bit of a slutty little bastard on the quiet. After all, whilst his handsome boyfriend – newbie Ron Negba – takes a dip in the pool next door, he’s busily posting suggestive texts on social media courtesy of his mobile phone. It’s not exactly the actions of a prim and proper bud, that’s for sure; and our suspicions are only confirmed when he proceeds to catch hold of Negba’s pants and rub them against his swelling crotch. Yep, this is a fellow who enjoys carnality in all its kinky glory; and the arrival of his partner – who by this point has jumped out of the water and dried himself up – confirms that suspicion. …

Staxus: Chester Owen, Orri Gaul (Bareback)

Staxus: Chester Owen, Orri Gaul

Data Released: Dec 26, 2017 (Staxus: Chester Owen, Orri Gaul)

Brand new arrival Orri Gaul is so handsome and fit! He’s just starting out, but he’s impressing us immediately with his horny bareback fuck alongside handsome and hungry Chester Owen in Sticky Mucky Spunktexters!


Staxus: Charlie Keller, Jaro Stone (Bareback)

Staxus: Charlie Keller, Jaro Stone

Data Released: Dec 24, 2017 (Staxus: Charlie Keller, Jaro Stone)

Charlie Foxtrot, Sc.4: Battlefield Lovers Enjoy A Final Outdoor Push For Hard Cock!
The cruel realities of war and human conflict cast something of a dark shadow on the opening moments of this otherwise stupendous encounter between the legendary Jaro Stone and pretty STAXUS new boy, Charlie Keller – a respectful nod to the real-life dangers that military personnel face on a daily basis. Let’s be totally honest, however, no scene that features these two horny little bastards can remain subdued for long; especially when the lads meet up after time spent out on the battlefield, both eager to continue the intimate relationship that had clearly developed between them during that time. …

Staxus: Chester Owen, David Doren (Sticky Mucky Spunktexters) (Bareback)

Staxus: Chester Owen, David Doren: Sticky Mucky Spunktexters

Data Released: Dec 21, 2017 (Staxus: Chester Owen, David Doren: Sticky Mucky Spunktexters)

Youngsters today, hey? All they do is sit on their phones 24/7 and mindlessly text each other – as is the case here with Chester Owen and his buddy, Robin Rhea. Such behaviour isn’t without its rewards, however; as we quickly discover when Rhea challenges Owen to make a pass at his new cute housemate, David Doren. It’s a dare that a lad like Owen is only too keen to take up; and before you know it the boy is concocting a story about having ticks that are irritating his skin, and asking Doren to check all over his handsome body to see if he can see anything. Finally – and with almost a comic twist – he insists that Doren undertakes a thorough inspection of his arse-hole to see if one of the creatures has managed to make its way inside his guts; by which point, of course, Owen’s blatant provocation has secured every ounce of his mate’s attention, securing at least two of Doren’s digits in his pucker and writhing on the sofa as a result. …

Staxus: Boris Lang, James Kingston (Pool Boy) (Bareback)

Staxus: Boris Lang, James Kingston: Pool Boy

Data Released: Dec 16, 2017 (Staxus: Boris Lang, James Kingston: Pool Boy)

Being the lifeguard on duty when there’s only one person in the water isn’t the most taxing of jobs, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that hunky Boris Lang’s mind begins to wander at the start of this encounter with playful minx, James Kingston. In fact, before you know it we’re in the midst of pure fantasy; with the cute, young swimmer now lying face-down and lifeless in the pool, and Lang springing promptly into action in a desperate bid to rescue him. It won’t come as any great surprise to anyone to know that it’s a rescue bid that meets with complete success – Lang dragging his charge onto the side of the pool, before lying him out on a bench to recover. …

Staxus: Casey Flip, Connor Rex (Raw Skaters)

Staxus: Casey Flip, Connor Rex: Raw Skaters

Data Released: Dec 14, 2017 (Staxus: Casey Flip, Connor Rex: Raw Skaters)

In what threatens to be both Casey Flip and Connor Rex’s swansong – the two handsome beauties are now real-life boyfriends – director, John Smith, presents one final homage to the world of young skater-boys, complete with wheels, cigarettes and (it pretty goes without saying) plenty of hard cock and spunk! Of course, the fact that you’ve got this pair of dick-loving pearls in front of the camera means that you’re pretty much assured a classic right from the off; with a brief explanation of their personal decision by Rex promptly followed by some top-notch fellatio on the part of both buddies. …

Staxus: Charlie Keller, Sivan Ozzi (Run Away) (Bareback)

Staxus: Charlie Keller, Sivan Ozzi

Data Released: Dec 10, 2017 (Staxus: Charlie Keller, Sivan Ozzi: Run Away)

With their fine, lean physiques and athletic prowess it seems almost natural that Charlie Keller and new boy, Sivan Ozzi, should be spending their time running together through the woods to keep fit; but if truth be known they would both prefer to be getting their cardiovascular workout much nearer home. A fact that becomes all too apparent when the two buddies find themselves back in town with time on their hands – the urge to run now clearly eclipsed by the urge to snog each other’s faces off! Not that either of these two buddies are ever going to be content with just a kiss, of course. …


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