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CorbinFisher: Kai

CorbinFisher: Kai

Data Released: Jan 15, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Kai)

Kai (a.k.a Lucas Leon) is something of a renaissance man – not only does he work out six times a week and swim to maintain his cut, sexy body, he has a passion for learning new languages! Sexy guys with talented tongues are in high demand here at Corbin Fisher, so we’re sure that he’ll fit in just fine. With a dusting of hair and rock solid pecs, he’s got the kind of body that just screams out to be shown off. Kai’s nipples are rock hard as he caresses his muscles and he keeps licking his pouty, full, lips as he jacks off. Showing off his nice arms and his solid stomach, he brings himself to a shuddering, gasping orgasm with a huge load that goes clear past his shoulder! Kai is just the kind of multi-talented man we like to have around and we can’t wait to see more of him!

CorbinFisher: Conrad Blasts Ellis (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Conrad Blasts Ellis

Data Released: Jan 13, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Conrad Blasts Ellis)

Conrad’s got a lot going for him – a tight, hairy body, a cute smile, and a big, uncut cock, so we’re happy to give you one more reason to like him as he shows off his prowess as a top with Ellis. After getting his dick sucked, Conrad slides into Ellis. With one of Ellis’s long legs draped over his shoulder, Conrad opens up Ellis’s hole and goes to town on him and shows that behind that pretty face is a man who really knows how to fuck! After taking Conrad’s cock like a champ, Ellis climbs up on top to ride him, his hard cock bouncing and twitching as he moans, before Conrad pile-drives him on the floor! Time and time again, Conrad is proving that his loads are huge and thick, and this is no exception – he leaves Ellis totally covered in cum, and even feeds it to him with his fingers!


CorbinFisher: Beau Works Out Wesley (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Beau Works Out Wesley

Data Released: Jan 11, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Beau Works Out Wesley)

Though lately Beau has been showing off his talents as a bottom, he’s got a burning urge to fuck and lucky Wesley is left in the enviable position of getting to suck his thick cock, eat out his perfect, hairy ass, and then take a pounding from him all over the gym equipment! “Good boy,” Beau says, grinning as Wesley goes down on him. “Taste good?” he asks, after fucking his pretty mouth for a while. “Oh, yes,” Wesley replies, smiling back up at him. …

CorbinFisher: Fletcher and Baker Fool Around (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Fletcher and Baker Fool Around

Data Released: Jan 10, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Fletcher and Baker Fool Around)

Baker, in the long Corbin Fisher tradition of our veterans showing newbies the ropes, is here to help Fletcher realize his full potential. Being the generous soul that he is, Baker’s going to share not only our hot co-ed with Fletcher, but will offer up his own hot jock ass for Fletcher’s pleasure! Fletcher is eager to prove himself and to show off for Baker, so these two studs take turns demonstrating how well they can fuck with her, before Fletcher slides into Baker and plows him. Baker evidently likes being a mentor, as he completely covers himself in cum while Fletcher is fucking him! Both of our guys end this scene sticky and satisfied, which is just how we like it!


CorbinFisher: Elian

CorbinFisher: Elian

Data Released: Jan 8, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Elian)

Even out here in Nevada, we sometimes get the winter blues, but thankfully sexy Latin stud Elian is here to bring a little heat back to the desert! He says that he was the biggest guy on his high school wrestling team, and we definitely believe that based on his chest alone! Elian’s sexy Spanish accent, winning smile, and nice uncut cock make him the total package. On top of that, he’s got great taste in television – one of the main ways he evaluates a new show is how many dicks he can see on screen, and that’s a rating system we can really get behind! Elian’s amazing abs and built biceps are on full display as he works out a hot load for us on the bed, and with that satisfied smile to the camera at the end, you can be sure that he’ll be back for more!

CorbinFisher: Dane Swallows Max (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Dane Swallows Max

Data Released: Jan 6, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Dane Swallows Max)

After some very enthusiastic mutual cock-sucking, Dane and Max manage to pry their mouths off of each other’s dicks, so that Dane can ride Max for all he’s worth. Dane looks down at Max with half- lidded eyes as he takes in the sensory overload of Max’s long, thick cock sliding up into his pert ass. Max stares Dane down, using a firm hand on his shoulder to give himself more leverage. After stretching Dane out for a while in the reverse cowboy position, Max bends Dane over the couch and really fucks his brains out! Dane can’t help but grin as he takes Max’s massive member face down, ass up, before being flipped over and railed for all he’s worth, until he coats his own abs with his load, and Max covers his cute face in cum!


CorbinFisher: Barron and Ellis Get Down (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Barron and Ellis Get Down

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Barron and Ellis Get Down)

Would it be spoiling this episode if I told you that Ellis ends up on the floor, covered in jizz after his own screaming orgasm, topped off by Barron’s hot load? These two studs really know how to show off, and this was the perfect way for their scene to culminate, after Barron made full use of Ellis’s hot mouth and tight, muscular ass. …

CorbinFisher: Truman Takes It Deep (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Truman Takes It Deep

Data Released: Jan 1, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Truman Takes It Deep)

Truman Takes It Deep – and man does he ever! Not only has Jacob proven himself to be the kind of top stud that can deliver it deep and hard, but Truman has shown himself to be the kind of guy that can take it hard and deep – with both of these guys looking fantastic while doing it. Truman is a thoroughly dominated bottom here, spending most of the action face down and ass up, getting drilled hard. Jacob’s ripped body has him in prime form to deliver a relentless fuck that goes on and on, with Truman grunting and wailing with each pump. If you are a fan of ripped young studs going at it, you’ll love this one. If you also like ass-to-mouth and massive facials, you’ll love this one as well. The facial Jacob drenches Truman in is huge, and apparently being completely covered in cum is all it takes to send Truman over the top!

CorbinFisher: Rocky Works Out Quinn (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Rocky Works Out Quinn

Data Released: Dec 30, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Rocky Works Out Quinn)

Rocky has been raving to me for months about Quinn’s legendary mouth and ass, so it’s no surprise that he couldn’t resist going in for round two when he spotted him in the gym. Luckily for Rocky, Quinn was just as excited to see him again, too – he didn’t even get off of the weight bench before going to town on Rocky’s worked-out muscles and big cock. It was hard to tell which one of them liked it more when Rocky fucked Quinn’s face and then bent him over the weight machine. They were both all smiles by the time Rocky fucked the cum out of Quinn and then blasted his own load all over Quinn’s ripped abs. From the way these two were grinning at each other in the shower afterwards, I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time these two find a way to show off for us.

CorbinFisher: Dane Deep Dicks Kenny (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Dane Deep Dicks Kenny

Data Released: Dec 28, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Dane Deep Dicks Kenny)

After two encounters together, I was pretty sure that Dane and Kenny had a thing for each other, but this latest tryst of theirs confirmed it for me. I’m definitely not complaining-these blue-eyed, blond-haired studs are two of our most popular guys, and it’s always a treat to see the interplay between Dane’s more compact, leaner frame and Kenny’s broad shoulders and nice chest. Kenny, always eager to prove what a team player he is, spends most of this episode on his knees, worshiping Dane’s hot cock, before bending over and letting the younger stud do what he does best – fuck hot jock ass!



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