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ButchDixon: James Silver, Yago Sinner (Bareback)

ButchDixon: James Silver, Yago Sinner

Data Released: Dec 14, 2017 (ButchDixon: James Silver, Yago Sinner)

These bareback beauties are stunningly handsome, ripped, tattooed and ready to show it all off. They’re both making their steaming, squidgy, spunky debut at uknakedmen and we’re very happy to have them. Yago Sinner is a tall dark and hung stud, with a big, dark, uncircumcised cock, whilst James Silver is a muscular, pale blonde, who’s ably showing just how much fun he can have – riding Yago’s big, stiff tool. These guys are in the back of the club, stripping down, sucking face and sliding down into a 69 for some deep throat cock sucking. …

ButchDixon: Andro Maas, Kieron Knight

ButchDixon: Andro Maas, Kieron Knight

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (ButchDixon: Andro Maas, Kieron Knight)


ButchDixon: Rico Fatale, AJ Alexander (Bareback)

ButchDixon: Rico Fatale, AJ Alexander

Data Released: Nov 30, 2017 (ButchDixon: Rico Fatale, AJ Alexander)

In the run up to Christmas we’ve decided to take it ‘outside’ in honour of a gentleman who liked it just so. It might be cold out on Hampstead Heath but our lads are keeping warm, skin to skin and raw, pulsating cock to hot, bareback and very accommodating hole, in the cummly shape of raw, buggerly top – AJ Alexander our favourite piece of rough Scottish trade, (looking extra mean with a very cruel skin head) AND nasty, cum-whore bottom Rico Fatale. …

ButchDixon: Zack Hood, Luke Ward


Data Released: Oct 24, 2017 (ButchDixon: Zack Hood, Luke Ward)


ButchDixon: Hans Berlin, Mark Foxx (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 16, 2017 (ButchDixon: Hans Berlin, Mark Foxx)

Super studly Hans Berlin is back for more hard, uncut, bareback cock! Its always a pleasure to watch this pure beefy slab of muscular, sexy man getting impaled and ploughed- especially when its a long, lean, blonde Mark Foxx. Its Mark’s steamy debut at uknakedmen and he’s very handsome, sexy piece of meat, Hans is happy too as you can see by his throbbing uncut cock ( and that copious load he shoots) Our confirmed top – Hans is on his back again, with those thick, hard legs wrapped around Marks, hard buns as that thick, juicy dick rams and slides in and out of his sopping fuck-hole. We had to hold these guys back to make sure Mark didn’t shoot all of his steamy load right up Hans’ hot hole.

ButchDixon: Ryan Cage, Rudy Valentino


Data Released: Oct 9, 2017 (ButchDixon: Ryan Cage, Rudy Valentino)

Ryan Cage is back and he’s a as big and burly as ever, we’re lucky that plucky, young horn dog – Rudy Valentino is as horny as he is capable, this handsome cutie can take a big cock, as long as they’re uncut, its that foreskin that does it for him ( we’re with you there Rudy!). Rudy worships the magnificence of Ryan’s mighty, weighty member whilst gazing up at the Goliath of hunk who stands above him (he knows his arse is gonna take some wallop!) Ryan makes sure his willing sub boy is revved up to the max, with his arse open for that oversized member – once Ryan gets started he’s like a piston and there’s nothing gonna stop the motion of this man mountain until he’s emptied his steaming load into or onto his sexy, hunky fuckee!

ButchDixon: Hugo Castellano, Rafa Marco (Bareback)


Data Released: Oct 2, 2017 (ButchDixon: Hugo Castellano, Rafa Marco)

We’re turning up the heat to save on your winter heating bills and these two handsome lads could melt a polar ice cap. Its a sticky, slippy, extra warm, skin on skin bareback scene, with one the most handsome cocks I’ve seen in a while (and I’ve seen a few) Please pay extra attention to the beautiful dark meat of Hugo Castellano, its too pretty to put a rubber on. …

ButchDixon: Teddy Torres, Zack Acland (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 24, 2017 (ButchDixon: Teddy Torres, Zack Acland)

Teddy Torres is back and he’s in the mood to cruise. Teddy’s dressed only in his rubber apron so you know he’s in the mood for some raunchy bareback sex at the local adult book store. He peeps into a booth and he gets a sexy surprise. Zack Acland is bound and gagged and wearing a leather jock. Before freeing his captive, Teddy gives him a good hard spanking and then works over his tender ass with a cat o’ nine tails. Zack then turns his attention to Teddy’s delectable furry ass and gives him a good ol’ ass munching. How could he resist?! The sexy, hairy boys then take turns blowing each other and Teddy slides his thick cock into Zack’s and fucks him raw.


ButchDixon: Angel Garcia, Dany Romeo (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2017 (ButchDixon: Angel Garcia, Dany Romeo)

Open wide Angel, its been a while but our demon picked, heaven sent cutie is chomping at the bit for some cock and we never let our boys down. Dany Romeo is laid out in the changing room, enjoying the massage skills and the attentions of Angel’s talented tongue, BOY! can this lad suck a cock? Angels’ hot throat, tantalising tongue and foreskin nibbling would drive any guy up the wall with pleasure. …

ButchDixon: Zack Hood, Rico Fatale (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 9, 2017 (ButchDixon: Zack Hood, Rico Fatale)

Rico Fatale likes his men, broad, brawny and big downstairs, Zack Hood likes his boy, handsome, hung, horny, uncut and ready to take a throbbing raw cock and a juicy load – so this heavenly pairing was sure fire, heavy summer winner! Rico is nasty, especially when he’s cock-focused – when he gets on his knees and he sees and all he wants is cock. …


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