KristenBjorn: Jorge Leal, Stephan Raw (Casting Couch #380) (Bareback)

KristenBjorn: Jorge Leal, Stephan Raw: Casting Couch #380

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (KristenBjorn: Jorge Leal, Stephan Raw: Casting Couch #380)

Stephan Raw met up with Jorge Leal for a run in the park today. Now they have returned to Jorge’s and are all hot and worked up from all that physical activity. They turn their energy towards each other as their impressive hard-ons are impossible to restrain in their running shorts. Stephan has no problems stripping Jorge of his shorts and swallowing his hairy cock whole. Working his mouth up and down that hot shaft, Jorge is impressed with Stephan’s deep throat sucking and encourages him to keep sucking. Jorge flips with Stephan and lays with his head hanging off of the bed as Stephan stuffs his meaty cock all the way down to his shiny steel cock ring. Stephan places his hand on Jorge’s throat so that he can feel his hard cock filling Jorge’s deep throat. …

IconMale: Troy Accola, Hans Berlin (Dare You Daddy!)

IconMale: Troy Accola, Hans Berlin: Dare You Daddy!

Data Released: / Jan 4, 2018 (IconMale: Troy Accola, Hans Berlin: Dare You Daddy!)

Sexual tension is becoming overwhelming between Hans Berlin and his stepson Troy Accola once Troy finally makes a move they are instantly fucking each other senseless taking out all of the tension on each other’s bodies. Sucking and fucking each other till they’re bursting with cum! Clearly this is will be their little secret!

IconMale: Jaxton Wheeler, Hans Berlin (Inappropriate Touching Please!)

IconMale: Jaxton Wheeler, Hans Berlin: Inappropriate Touching Please!

Data Released: Jan 2, 2018 (IconMale: Jaxton Wheeler, Hans Berlin: Inappropriate Touching Please!)

Sexy masseuse Jaxton Wheeler is hot for older client Hans Berlin, and does everything he can to entice the hung German into craving his hairy, hard cock. Meanwhile, Hans is trying his best not to fall under Jaxton’s sexy spell, as he’s afraid of being ‘inappropriate’ with the muscleman. Finally, Jaxton and Hans get on the same page and begin sucking each other’s cocks until Hans is begging Jaxton to take his hot hole. Jaxton happily obliges and both enjoy cum-soaked orgasms.

HotHouse: Johnny V, Josh Conners (Get LIT)

HotHouse: Johnny V, Josh Conners: Get LIT

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (HotHouse: Johnny V, Josh Conners: Get LIT)

In a sleek sex club of the not-so-far-off future, Johnny V and Josh Conners meet as silhouettes in the door. As their mouths find each other, their natural instincts kick in and their hard cocks lead the way to a room with a sling. Josh is cock hungry and drops to his knees to service the mighty stud in front of him. Josh gets Johnny’s vein-popping cock as hard and sloppy as it can get before he bends over the sling and offers up a place for Johnny’s cock to spend some time. Johnny is more than happy to see what Josh feels like from the inside and slams his cock into the horny stud’s asshole. …

HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Alex Hawk (Bareback)

HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Alex Hawk

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (HairyAndRaw: Sebastian Sax, Alex Hawk)

At a local playroom, Sebastian Sax and Alex Hawk make eye contact. Next thing you know they’re making out and taking turns sucking cock. Bearded Sebastian, who normally has bottomed for us, flips and goes top to ride Alex’s sweet hole. As it turns out, Sebastian is a VERY good top! Maybe it’s because of all that dick he’s sucked or maybe it’s because he’s taken so much raw cock. Whatever the reason, we’re glad the tattooed, scruffy blond has unleashed his inner top because he takes otter Alex, decked out in a sexy leather harness, for the bareback fuck of his life, pounding the cum out of him before exploding with an enormous load of his own, all over Alex’s cock, balls, and furry belly!

GayHoopla: Julian Rodriguez, Chad Norman

GayHoopla: Julian Rodriguez, Chad Norman

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (GayHoopla: Julian Rodriguez, Chad Norman)

FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Armond Rizzo (Nasty Awakening) (Bareback)

FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Armond Rizzo: Nasty Awakening

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (FuckerMate: Alejandro Torres, Armond Rizzo: Nasty Awakening)

What’s better than being woken up by the kisses of a hung friend all over the body and the ass? It is just what happened to the sweet bottom Armond Rizzo this morning, when our horny power top Alejandro Torres got into the bedroom, finding the perfect ass of Armond in front of his lustful eyes. Encouraged by the moans of pleasure of the American boy, Alejandro works the hungry asshole with his tongue for long time, and tastes it like it was an ice cream. Right after our two mates begin a bareback ride that leaves Armond exhausted and covered with cum all over his body! Now you can sleep better Armond!

FalconStudios: Addison Graham, Dante Colle (Hidden Palms)

FalconStudios: Addison Graham, Dante Colle: Hidden Palms

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (FalconStudios: Addison Graham, Dante Colle: Hidden Palms)

Dante Cole is catching some rays on a hot summer day in the pool when Addison Graham dives in to cool off. Things get hotter when Addison swims over to Dante and gets the stud hard by taking his thick rod into his mouth. Addison works it up and down until Dante grows into his open throat. That’s Dante’s cue to bend Addison over to work his ass with his probing tongue and fingers. Dante loves the taste of Addison’s smooth hole so much that he can hardly wait to get all the way inside the horny hunk. Dante is done with the foreplay and teases Addison’s hole with the tip of his dick, making Addison open up even more. …

DudesRaw: Clint Stone, Zeb Reaux (A Throwback Thursday Vid) (Bareback)

DudesRaw: Clint Stone, Zeb Reaux: A Throwback Thursday Vid

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (DudesRaw: Clint Stone, Zeb Reaux: A Throwback Thursday Vid)

Clint Stone and Zeb Reaux met on BarebackRT. Both guys are vers and are into flip fucking. The guys start out at a desk making out then quickly get to fucking. They pound each others asses before shooting their loads inside and then eat the cum out.

CollegeDudes: Dylan Drive, Jude Michaels

CollegeDudes: Dylan Drive, Jude Michaels

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (CollegeDudes: Dylan Drive, Jude Michaels)

We’ve got two horny guys, Dylan Drive and Jude Michaels, ready to bust a nut, but as horny as they may be they know how to take their time and enjoy each other. They make out and rub those hard cocks together before Jude is on his back on the bed getting his long shaft sucked by Dylan as Jude pushes his big dick deeper down Dylan’s throat. Jude gets a good taste of Dylan’s fat cock next as he goes down on him, rubbing his balls as he sucks his cock and plays with his own throbbing member. …


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