MEN – Drill My Hole – Howl, Part 3: Colby Keller, Dato Foland & Logan Moore


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Logan Moore makes his MEN debut in an amazing threeway with Dato Foland and Colby Keller.

MenAtPlay – Logan Moore, Caleb Roca & Jessy Ares


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Double Strike: Logan Moore, Caleb Roca, Jessy Ares

CorbinFisher – CFSelect – Brayden Uses Colt, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 30, 2014

We’re so used to seeing Brayden get fucked – and love every single second of getting fucked – that it’s easy to forget this young stud makes a stellar top, as well! Brayden’s just one of those guys with such a powerful sex drive he can get in to anything! Brayden deserves to get serviced and pound some ass, really. He’s gone out of his way to make for many of our most memorable episodes and has overwhelmed so many of his fellow CF studs with incredible sensations and wild times, it was only right we let Brayden get his body worshipped by Colt, and let him bury his hard dick in Colt’s tight ass. Colt was more than happy to oblige with all this, as well. Like Brayden, Colt has a powerful sex drive and whether he’s on top or on bottom, he loves to have himself some fun. Mind you, Brayden’s hole does get some attention here – when he sits on Colt’s face and Colt rims him deep!

NextDoorBuddies – Lucas Knight & Johnny Smash


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Doctor’s Cure: Lucas Knight, Johnny Smash

Let it be said that Johnny Smash lives up to his name. Going balls to the wall training for an upcoming kick-boxing match, he’s messed up his wrist pretty badly. Luckily Doctor Lucas Knight has plenty of experience soothing his patients’ ills, not to mention a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty, so when Johnny comes in for a diagnosis, Dr. Knight not only eases his pain, but he also treats Johnny with a special bedside manner that is sure to make Johnny feel better in no time. …

MenOver30 – Isaac Hardy & Tony Orion


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Lust Of The Undead: Isaac Hardy, Tony Orion

Isaac partied like a rock star the night before and never came home to Tony but somehow in the midst of the raging party Isaac thinks he might have got bit by someone or something. Isaac finally gets home to Tony who is passed out in bed. Isaac undresses and falls into bed but he is not feeling well and that bite mark could possibly be infected. Isaac gurgles and twitches throughout the night, slowly turning into what looks like a Zombie of some kind. Isaac wakes up no longer human and has a hunger for some ass. He dives into Tony’s ass, eating and slurping all he can get. …

LucasEntertainment – Tomas Brand & Michael Lucas, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Tomas Brand Bottoms For Michael Lucas.

Tomas Brand has filmed 12 scenes for Lucas Entertainment, and today is his first with Michael Lucas. It`s been said in the past that Tomas is known quite well for roughing up the men he`s with on camera. But today he`s completely submissive with Michael: he gets his ass eaten, sucks cock, and takes Michael`s 10 inches raw up his ass!

KristenBjorn – Allen King & Juan Lopez, Flip-Flop


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Casting Couch #334: Allen King, Juan Lopez

DebtDandy 59, Bareback


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Once again I went to help out another young dude in debts. He didn`t even live in Prague, but on the outskirts. I was tired after a long drive so I hoped that he will be worthy. And he definitely was. Beautiful and with sporty well built body. He needed money very urgently so it wasn`t really difficult to persuade him to agree with my dirty offer. He showed me some muay-thai kicks and punches and that made me very horny. Couldn`t wait to have my dick in his mouth. His soft tongue was slowly sliding down my hard cock. I could feel the taste of his mouth like I would be kissing him, that is how great sucker he wes. I was so horny that within few minutes I had to fuck him and deflower his virgin asshole.

ChaosMen – Palmer & Vander & Zarek: TagTeam RAW


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

All the guys are super easy going with their limits. Both Vander and Zarek bottom in this video, leaving Palmer Top Dog. He might not have made too much of a fuss, but after seeing both Vander and Zarek’s cocks, he was just fine topping the entire video. He stays rock hard the entire video, so he performs awesome. What I like is all the guys were down to kiss, suck, rim, share cocks back-and-forth and just really just got piggy with it. Zarek is still very passive, and both Palmer and Vander liked using all his holes. Some of the highlights are watching Vander and Palmer share sucking Zarek’s cocks and hole, then kissing each other. …

BarebackThatHole – Rocco Steele & Jon Shield


Data Released: Oct 31, 2014

Jon Shield is rewarded with the ride of his life when he is partnered up with massively hung and super sexy Rocco Steele. Rocco`s huge cock stands stiff as a board as Jon sucks and services his thick shaft. It`s not long before the tables are turned and Jon`s legs are spread wide open over the bathroom sink as he is being eaten and mauled by Rocco`s lips and tongue. He begs for Rocco`s big dick to fuck him. Jon wants his chance to show Rocco how gifted his hole really is. On the counter, in the shower, on the bathtub ledge…Rocco drills his butt every which way taming Jon`s ass into submission. …


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