Staxus – Erik Franke, Sven Laarson & Andy Fisher, Bareback

Erik Franke, Sven Laarson & Andy Fisher at Staxus


Data Released: Jan 27, 2015

Crime-Scene Investigation Gets The Hardcore Touch As Two Horny Officers Fuck Their Man!

Yes, we have two new boys in this hardcore bareback twink threesome with the delicious Sven Laarson, and no wonder all the fans are loving what they’re seeing with this one, it’s a very hot fuck scene that plenty of the members will be wanking themselves silly over for a little while to come! New boy Erik Franke is the one in trouble when gorgeous young police officers Sven and Andy Fisher track him down. We never find out what crime the boy is supposed to have committed, but we can only assume that it’s perhaps the criminal charge of being such a hot cock tease! What is the punishment for the crime of being a delicious boy so many others would love to stick their dick into? Well, you can forget the interview, paperwork or a court room, these officers like to take the law into their own hands. …

PeterFever – Lessons In Love – Openness

Leo Sweetwood & Blake Stone in “Lessons In Love – Openness” at Peter Fever


Data Released: Jan 27, 2015

Leo and I have been together for a while now and I love him, but the sex has gotten kind of boring. I was scared to tell him that I had fetishes, but when I did I was surprised that he was open to them. I revealed that I had a secret foot fetish. I fell in love with him all over again. Watch Leo Sweetwood explore Blake Stone’s sexual fetishes in this episode of the Novella Series S4E6 “Lessons in Love – Openness”.

Eurocreme – Marco DuVaul & Mickey Taylor

Marco DuVaul & Mickey Taylor at Eurocreme


Data Released: Jan 27, 2015

Deep Fuckers: Marco DuVaul, Mickey Taylor

Arriving at his mates, Mickey is met with by his friend’s flat mate. Soggy from the rain he takes off his wet top sparking conversation about his tattoos! Marco is in awe of mickeys sexy body and sexy tattoos so when Mickey reaches across to get his top he cannot help but kiss him! This leads to a hot and horny pair with their dicks out, they can’t get enough of each other’s throbbing cocks! Mickey takes get Luke onto the kitchen table and slam teases his new playmates hole, working it with his tongue before sliding his solid thick meat in! Mickey is anything than gentle with Luke, pounding his hole like it’s the last time he is ever going to get the chance! The pair both clearly enjoys the chance meeting as there is an explosive cum shot at the end!

LatinBoyz – Temper & Trick

Temper & Trick at Latin Boyz


Data Released: Jan 27, 2015

Recently Temper posted a picture of himself kissing another cute guy on his snapchat so we sent him a text asking who that cute guy was. Temper replied, “It’s my trick and he wants me to fuck him on LatinBoyz.” The next day they came in and 20 year old Trick was more than ready to get his tight ass fucked again by Temper’s big cock. Trick starts off sucking off Temper’s big cock and ends up being able to take the whole thing down his throat. Temper finally gets on top of Trick and starts fucking him deep and hard until both hot LatinBoyz bust their loads on each other.

MaleReality – Thomas Fiaty & Dave Cook

Thomas Fiaty & Dave Cook at Male Reality


Data Released: Jan 27, 2015

Too Big For Twinks #04, Scene #02 – Thomas Fiaty, Dave Cook

SweetAndRaw – David Russo & Victor Klicko

David Russo & Victor Klicko at Sweet And Raw


Data Released: Jan 27, 2015

Eastern European blond twink, David Russo, has a new roommate. Little time is wasted once Victor Klicko moves in and they quickly discover they’ve a fetish for fun underwear, lingerie and jockstraps. But that’s not all they have in common. Each enjoys sucking cock and raw sex. And t make things more interesting, Victor’s got the one thing cock hungry David enjoys: a big dick! The toned, horny young men make out and David is soon on his knees, servicing Victor. After a mouth watering 69, David is on all fours with Victor sliding that thick, fat, uncut piece of meat home, down to the balls, pounding away for all he’s worth. David is soon riding Victor, impaling himself on the horse cock before bending over and getting slammed. Victor fucks the cum out of David, who shoots a big load, before reward him with a tasty cum facial.

IconMale – Adam Russo & Brent Corrigan

Adam Russo & Brent Corrigan in “Gay Massage House” at Icon Male


Data Released: Jan 27, 2015

Gay Massage House, Scene #01: Adam Russo, Brent Corrigan

IconMale – Rob Yaeger & Brent Corrigan

Rob Yaeger & Brent Corrigan in “Fathers And Sons” at Icon Male


Data Released: Jan 22, 2015

Fathers And Sons, Scene #01: Rob Yaeger, Brent Corrigan

All Brent Corrigan wants for his eighteenth birthday is to have his friend Alexander Greene come over with his father, Rob Yaeger, who has been a family friend for years. The guys drink beer and play games together late into the night, until Rob and Brent are the only two left awake. They share a nightcap and Rob tells Brent that he’s watched him grow into a fine young man. When Rob wants to turn in too, birthday boy Brent won’t let him go. Instead, he leans in to kiss his family friend. Rob is seduced by the younger man’s lips, and it’s not long before the two are tangled up in each other on the couch. Rob teases Brent’s asshole and penis through his briefs, and Brent slides Rob’s underwear to give Brent a birthday blowjob. Brent’s eyes roll back in his head as Rob licks his balls and asshole, teasing him before slipping inside. Rob finishes on Brent’s ass and embraces the boy from behind.

MEN – Str8 to Gay – Bad Brother In Law: Aaron Bruiser & Anthony Verusso

Aaron Bruiser & Anthony Verusso in “Bad Brother In Law” at Str8 to Gay


Data Released: Jan 26, 2015

Aaron Bruiser’s wife suspects that he is cheating on her, so she has setup a spy-cam in their bedroom to find out once and for all. She is right, or course, but she will still probably be shocked to see it is with her own brother, Anthony Verusso! They know she will see it, but that doesn’t stop Aaron from stuffing his fat cock into his brother in law’s tight hole.

MachoFucker – The Biaggi-Files 4 (Fallen), Bareback

Biaggi & Antonio at Macho Fucker


Data Released: Jan 26, 2015

Latino Thug-Bottom FALLEN is the number 4 on ANTONIO`s infamous “FILES-list”. The sexy Hispanic Bottom papi with the look of an all tatted-up, ruff Cali-gangsta is struggling a lot to take on ANTONIO`s 10 and 1/2 fat Rican inches.


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