ExtraBigDicks – Dylan Knight & Billy Warren

Dylan Knight & Billy Warren at Extra Big Dicks


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Wide Awake: Dylan Knight, Billy Warren

Dylan is fast asleep in bed while Billy on the other hand can’t seem to doze off. Billy is just lying in his bed watching Dylan sleep away. Billy thinks that if he rubs one out he can fall asleep so he begins to jack off while looking at Dylan. Dylan can hear Billy moving around and so he wakes up and sees his big hardon. Dylan pulls off his covers to reveal his huge cock and Billy can’t believe how big it is and jumps into his bed and begins servicing his uncut dick. Billy is all over that cock slurping and drooling on it but it’s not enough and he wants Dylan to fuck him deep and hard even though he is scared of the thickness. Dylan tells him not to worry and fucks him good and hard until they both cream all over the place and finally Billy can get some rest.

DebtDandy 72, Bareback

Debt Dandy 72


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

My phone was ringing early today. Another desperate fish in our Czech sea needs my assistance to solve money issues. I didn’t hesitate and went straight to meet him cause date of birth clearly said that he is just recently 18yo. Once he opened the door, I’ve had a cute, young blondie standing in front of me. His apartment was kinda dark and the whole building was kind of creepy. It wasn’t difficult to offer him my help with his debts and loans, but it was very hard to convince him to accept what I’ve asked in return. He was down to striptease but didn’t want to hear anything else, like cock sucking or anal. I had to use all my abilities to change his mind. And as always his “ need for cash” was exactly what changed his mind.

CollegeDudes – Tyler Rush & Davey Anthony

Tyler Rush & Davey Anthony at College Dudes


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Davey Anthony interrupts Tyler Rush’s sketching with some gentle kisses, and Tyler doesn’t seem to mind the interruption as he sets aside his sketch pad and jumps right in, kissing Davey back as they rub their cocks through their pants. As they make out, they lose pieces of clothing here and there, undressing one another and admiring those toned abs and chiseled backs until finally we get to see Tyler’s cock right before Davey sucks it! Tyler’s got a taste for sweet cock too, and he pulls Davey’s underwear off and goes right for that prick, sucking it till it’s hard then letting Davey get another mouthful of his dick, making sure it’s hard and ready for fucking! …

CodyCummings – Cody Cummings & Colt Rivers

Cody Cummings & Colt Rivers at Cody Cummings


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Colt Rivers delivers! This is an incredible encounter in which feet play a special part. Cody Cummings enjoys every moment, indulging in the smooth passion exuded from Colt Rivers. Colt is an experienced guy so you can be sure knows how to handle a massively thick cock like Cody’s. He’s a foot hound and he has the opportunity to get his hands, mouth, and dick on Cody’s famously sexy footsies. Colt isn’t holding back one bit. He starts by licking them all over, then sucking Cody’s boner-inducing toes. If you know much about Cody’s past experiences, you know he loves heavy attention on his feet. …

CockSureMen – Brad Kalvo & Jed Athens, Bareback

Brad Kalvo & Jed Athens at Cock Sure Men


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Brad Kalvo’s and Jed Athens’ hard cocks throb with excitement as they make out on the bed. Jed goes down on Brad, stimulating every inch of his stiff rod. Jed turns over so Brad can drive his raw cock deep inside his hole. Jed moans as Brad barebacks him. Jed hops off and sucks Brad’s cock. Brad slams his raw cock back in before Jed flips over on his back. Jed, his legs in the air, lets Brad pound his hole long and hard while he strokes his cock. Brad spits on Jed’s hole and plows him bareback. Brad spoons Jed and shoves his cock into Jed’s tight ass. …

ChaosMen – Ransom & Wagner: RAW

Ransom & Wagner at Chaos Men


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Wagner was hitting me up to do a scene. He likes mature bossy daddy types, and wanted to come in quickly. I had already done his oral, and with Ransom moving into the mature category, I thought I would mix things up. Ransom was in a motorcycle accident, so was out of commission for 3-4 months. He has been stepping in to do some orals, and will likely keep him on those. He sure can make the guys cum. But we haven’t seen him in full-action in some time, and he usually bottoms. But Wagner says he is all bottom, so we got his giant muscle dude thighs and calves up in the air. …

BrutalTops – Session 246: Master Charlie

Master Charlie in Session 246 at Brutal Tops


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Spread Your Arse, I’m Gonna Fuck You Hard!

Hot young Master Charlie returns to continue his humiliating treatment of pathetic sub elliott and this time he wants to fuck the living daylights out of the feeble worm. Before this, he orders the squirming sub to suck his massive, rock- hard cock which soon has elliott reaming as it bashes against the back of his throat. This gets the Master very excited so he quickly orders the sub to turn around and bare open his arsehole. The top pounds into the sub harshly and ignores the sub’s whimpering complaints. Throwing the sub onto his back, the Master soon rams his cock into the sub so powerfully that he needs to shoot his spunk. The sub compliantly offers his face for the spunk to be squirted all over it and licks down every drop of the Master’s jizz.

BiLatinMen – Champ & Studz

Champ & Studz at Bi Latin Men


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

BarebackThatHole – Jessy Karson & John Stache

Jessy Karson & John Stache at Bareback That Hole


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

John Stache’s mouth was watering at the site of Jessy Karson’s fat uncut cock and big floppy balls. John’s face was almost instantly buried in Jessy’s crotch as he worked over his loose foreskin swallowing his entire cock whole. The grazing of John’s beard and whiskers against Jessy’s low hanging nuts drives him crazy and to edge. Primed and ready, Jessy mounts his ass as he slides into John’s bareback butt. With nothing but some sweat and spit, Jessy takes full control and as he plows into his hole. John is plugged and pounded every which way…Face down on the hardwood floor, Jessy drives his dick into John as he has him pinned to ground. The relentless pounding leaves a pool of John’s precum oozing out of him and on the floor. This fantastic scene closes off with both of these guys shooting copious amounts of cum in one the most loudly and dramatic endings captured to date. It can’t be missed.

BaitBuddies – Trit Tyler & JD

Trit Tyler & JD at Bait Buddies


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Magic Dick: Trit Tyler, JD


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