LucasEntertainment – Dato Foland & Rafael Carreras, Bareback

Dato Foland & Rafael Carreras at Lucas Entertainment


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Uncut Bareback Fucking Starring Dato Foland And Rafael Carreras.

Uncut bareback fucking starring Dato Foland and Rafael Carreras: It’s always a gay porn event on the Lucas Entertainment website when Dato Foland stars in a scene. This aggressive stud, while versatile, usually comes out on top and takes control of the situation when he’s having bareback sex. Rafael Carreras proves to be a handful, however, as both these guys enjoy control in the bedroom. At 03:10 Dato and Rafael unzip the dress pants of their suits and start stroking their uncut dicks before Dato gets on his knees and starts sucking on Rafael. But who gets fucked? …

MaleReality – Thomas Fiaty & Zac Power

Thomas Fiaty & Zac Power at Male Reality


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

My Boyfriend Is Gay #04, Scene #02 – Thomas Fiaty, Zac Powers

ManRoyale – Casey Everett & Damian Black

Casey Everett & Damian Black at Man Royale


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Shower Mates: Casey Everett, Damian Black

UKHotJocks – Angel Cruz, Kayden Gray & Sam Barclay

Angel Cruz, Kayden Gray & Sam Barclay at UK Hot Jocks


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Team DP: Angel Cruz, Kayden Gray & Sam Barclay.
Bottom boy Sam is perched, waiting, expecting and horny in tight Lycra jock shorts. In walks Angel in a jock, socks and trainers looking fit! He bends down and kisses Sam, hands wandering over is tanned muscular bod down to his crotch with his hard dick protruding out the top of his shorts. Angel can’t wait so gets stuck in and puts his mouth around Sam’s throbbing cock. From the other side Kayden walks in to join the fun, also in a hot jock. Sam wants what’s inside so pulls off the front section of his gear, showing Kayden’s long cock in the jock armour and stuffing the whole lot in his gob. Loads of sucking, kissing, threesome train combinations, each more complicated and hot than the last. …

IconMale – Nick Capra & Alexander Greene

Nick Capra & Alexander Greene at Icon Male


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Fathers And Sons, Scene #02: Nick Capra, Alexander Greene

Rob Yaeger’s son, Alexander Greene, wakes up early to catch his father sleeping naked on the couch with his best friend, Brent Corrigan.Later that night, the two of them head out to get a drink, leaving Alexander alone with Brent’s father, Nick Capra. They chat for a bit and when Nick gets up to leave, he gets slammed into the wall and forcefully kissed by Alexander. The younger boy pins his friend’s father to the wall and they rub their bodies together while kissing deeply. Soon they’re up in the bedroom with their shirts off, and it’s Nick’s turn to pin Alexander down. …

HotHouse – Alexy Tyler & Jimmy Durano

Alexy Tyler & Jimmy Durano at Hot House


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

After Glow, Scene #01: Alexy Tyler, Jimmy Durano

Nothing gets Jimmy Durano turned on faster than a hot, juicy hole to rim, and Alexy Tyler has exceptional assets to offer! Jimmy’s spit glistens on Alexy’s tan ass cheeks as he buries his scruffy bearded chin in Alexy’s crack. Alexy turns around to suck on Jimmy’s rock hard cock, but Jimmy is the one who takes control by giving Alexy an energetic face fucking. Their muscular asses and toned bodies are on display as Jimmy uses his hips to thrust his cock inside Alexy’s hole. Flipping over on his back, Alexy throws his legs in the air to maximize the depth and the pleasure. With an expression of ecstasy on his face, Alexy dumps his load on his abs. Jimmy shoots his wad all over Alexy’s dick and ass, and Alexy eagerly tastes Jimmy’s hot, white load.

HotBarebacking – Armond Rizzo & Joey

Armond Rizzo & Joey at Hot Barebacking


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Armond deep throats Joey’s juicy cock – lubing it with generous amounts of spit. He then presents his fine ass to Joey who fills it with his bare cock and a generous amount of cum.

HairyAndRaw – Bearsilien & Steve Sommers

Bearsilien & Steve Sommers at Hairy And Raw


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

After making repairs in a warehouse, Steve Sommers gets the reward he was hoping for in the form of bearded, indie bear, Bearsilien. Prepped and ready to go, Steve chows down on the inked and pierced Bearsilian’s fat, uncut, mouth-watering cock. He then buries his face in the man’s incredibly fuzzy ass and the next thing you know, the usually bottom Steve is pounding the hell out of…

FuckerMate – Antonio Aguilera & Hugo Arias

Antonio Aguilera & Hugo Arias at Fucker Mate


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

We suggest that you watch pornography with your door closed. Antonio forgot to close the door and look what happened to him! This is a sizzling hot encounter between two horny mates. Hugo gets a very hard fucking by Antonio. This is sensitive material, watch it with your door closed.

FalconStudios – Brandon Jones & Alexander Gustavo

Brandon Jones & Alexander Gustavo at Falcon Studios


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Cockstar: Brandon Jones, Alexander Gustavo

Brandon Jones backs Alexander Gustavo up against the wall, making out and groping each other. Clothes come off, revealing smooth, muscled torsos and hard cocks. Brandon curls his tongue around Alexander’s foreskin and eagerly swallows his cock. Lifting Alexander’s hips, Brandon burrows his tongue deep into the crack of Alexander’s ass. Alexander pivots to suck Brandon’s cock, then opens up his tight ass for Brandon to fuck him hard and deep. Sitting on Brandon’s cock, Alexander works his broad shoulders and muscular back to achieve the deepest, most intense penetration. Brandon is supercharged with pheromones and testosterone, and he swings Alexander around as if he were weightless. Without ever releasing Brandon’s cock, Alexander discharges giant spurts of cum. Brandon helps him squeeze out the last drop before adding his own load to Alexander’s jizz-covered abs.


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