BareAdventures – Fred Terry, Thomas Fiaty & Scott Haux

Fred Terry, Thomas Fiaty & Scott Haux at Bare Adventures


Data Released: Feb 1, 2015

Calling the two new boys into the office for a talking to, suited Fred has the bad news that they’re going to have to be let go, and that’s really not what these boys want to hear, so they do the only thing they can to change his mind – whip out their big dicks ready and waiting for Fred to get distracted — and this plan works perfectly! Sharing their hot cocks, the toned torsos of all three boys is pure heaven, with curly haired Scott getting his serviced and blond, very young looking Thomas more than content to fill his mouth with Fred’s thick slab of meat all the while showing off his very desirable hole to the camera. …

BadPuppy – Evan Cook & Patty Cat

Evan Cook & Patty Cat at Bad Puppy


Data Released: Jan 31, 2015

Patty Cat is back & on top of Evan Cook! Patty & Evan both have smooth, sexy bodies that have been nicely manscaped, and both with big cocks & tight asses. After some wet, slurpy cock sucking Patty pounds Evan’s willing hole until they are both shimmering with a fine sheen of sweat. They switch positions with Evan’s hole getting stuffed riding Patty’s cock while Patty gives him a reach around – those low hangers just bouncing with joy! Evan spurts out a hot load with Patty’s cock deep in his ass, and then Patty blows quite a load of his own. Two hot guys that are really into each other make today’s update worth watching over & over & over again!

BearFilms – Guy English & Steve Sommers

Guy English & Steve Sommers at Bear Films


Data Released: Jan 29, 2015

Guy English and Steve Sommers have a daunting task ahead of them. They’ve got to move some packages around and they’re H-U-G-E! Not interested in doing the work, they ignore the task to handle a different sort of package. One that involves hefty cock and balls full of cum! Steve and Guy take turns sucking big, fat, uncut dick before Guy delivers a balls-deep hot fuck followed by one of the most enormous loads we’ve ever seen!

SeanCody – Preston

Preston at Sean Cody


Data Released: Feb 1, 2015

MEN – Drill My Hole – Best Sex Of My Life, Part 3: Colton Grey & Phenix Saint

Colton Grey & Phenix Saint in “Best Sex Of My Life” at Drill My Hole


Data Released: Jan 31, 2015

Colton Grey recounts the best sex of his life when the TV repairman finally arrives just as he is in the shower. When Colton opens the door and sees the sexy Phenix Saint, he cannot help but get aroused. Somehow his towel falls revealing his stiff cock and Phenix decides to provide some additional services for his handsome client. First he blows Colton’s thick dick, then he stuffs his horny hole until the hung young man cums while his cock is still inside him.

CorbinFisher – Miles Fucks Rowan & Leah, Bareback

Miles, Rowan & Leah at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Jan 31, 2015

There’s a lot of envy for the trio in this hot bi-tag. They’re all incredibly hot and when it’s time to get into some action, everyone gets a chance to fill or be filled. If there were any clothes worn at one point it almost immediately disappears- leaving the room filed with just sexy, naked flesh! Rowan, looking as fit and fuckable as ever, gets to show off his stud moves for a bit when he fucks Leah, but it’s pretty obvious that what he’s really excited for is to get some of Miles’s big dick up his ass! After watching how hot Rowan looks fucking Leah, abs flexing muscles bulging, Miles jumps in and she is all but forgotten as the guys lock eyes while Miles slides in deeper and deeper into Rowan’s tight hole. With an ass full of cock, Rowan spurts out a hot load, sending Miles over the edge. He pulls out and shoots out a ton of cum that rains all over Rowan!

WilliamHiggins – Tibor Rysavy & Jirka Mendez

Tibor Rysavy & Jirka Mendez at William Higgins


Data Released: Jan 31, 2015

Tibor and Jirka – FULL CONTACT

RawFuckClub – Cam Christou & Gio Ryder, Bareback

Cam Christou & Gio Ryder at Raw Fuck Club


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Sexy and furry Cam Christou follows Gio Ryder into the locker room and gets his big dick worshipped. CAm fucks the cum out of Gio’s cock right before shooting and pounding his load straight up Gio’s hole.

Str8Hell – Jirka Syty & Paul Fresh, RAW

Jirka Syty & Paul Fresh at Str8 Hell


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Jirka and Paul RAW – RAUNCHY

GayWarGames – Romero & Evgeni, Bareback

Romero & Evgeni at Gay War Games


Data Released: Jan 30, 2015

Fucking Millions, Episode 3: Romero, Evgeni

After long and painful shower he is dragged into the bedroom where the real show is only going to start. All tied down, unable to move he gave up any attempts to fight back. After some punching, he obeys and opens his mouth. To suck that hard and hungry cock. And let’s start anal. The true pleasure for the soldier is just about to start.


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