NextDoorRaw: Alex Grand, Nate Stone (What Best Friends Want) (Bareback)

NextDoorRaw: Alex Grand, Nate Stone: What Best Friends Want

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (NextDoorRaw: Alex Grand, Nate Stone: What Best Friends Want)

With Alex Grand’s relationship on shaky ground again, he makes his way over to best friend Nate Stone’s place to talk it out. Nate asks him why he even bothers with his girlfriend and Alex’s response is less than convincing. Pulling at his sore shoulder, Alex winces in pain, and Nate quickly moves to help him with it, massaging his buddy as they continue to talk it out. Alex appreciates the attention and tells Nate his girlfriend would never do something so selfless. In that moment, something clicks for Alex and he suddenly views his best friend in a new light. Nate sense it too, and in no time, the two of them are consummating their new revelation on the bed in Nate’s bedroom. …

BarebackThatHole: Ray Dalton, T. Wilcox (Bareback)

BarebackThatHole: Ray Dalton, T. Wilcox

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (BarebackThatHole: Ray Dalton, T. Wilcox)

Ray Dalton and T. Wilcox are a pair of noisy fuckers. No, we don’t mean they’re loud or obnoxious, like crass party guests crashing a black-tie affair. We’re talking about the noise we make when we’re having sex. Like the song from Avenue Q says, “You Can Be As Loud as the Hell You Want (When You’re Makin’ Love). Ray and T definitely subscribe to that philosophy but these two aren’t making love. They’re giving in to their most base desire and fucking like animals. …

8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray, Dustin Cook (Raw Reunion) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray, Dustin Cook: Raw Reunion

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Caleb Gray, Dustin Cook: Raw Reunion)

Caleb Gray just got back into town when Dustin Cook happens by, it seems these two have quite the history by the magical make out moment that happens right there on the street. You can tell Dustin has be anxiously awaiting Caleb’s arrival by the sweet way he holds his face as they kiss back at his place. The sweetness stays but takes a back seat when Gray goes down on Dustin’s dick and the raunchy rumpus begins! He pushes Caleb’s cock sucker down deeper, getting his boy to the balls before he returns the favor on his knees. Caleb takes a page out of Cook’s cock sucking book and pushes the pretty faced phallus sucker’s face down deep till he’s gagging on his fully engorged groin. …

BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Daxton Ryker (Bareback)

BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Daxton Ryker

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (BreedMeRaw: Gabriel Fisk, Daxton Ryker)

Gabriel Fisk wanted to get in a good chest workout but the gym was busy and getting to a machine was almost next to impossible. Luckily, he could work on the pec dec with this hot bodybuilder Daxton Ryker. Watching Daxton flex his pecs with each movement was making Gabriel’s uncut cock drip with precum and knew he wasn’t going to be able to finish his workout unless he pumped Gabriel’s big butt! Daxton new this was going to be an exhausting workout and was glad his ass got a workout in too but was shocked to find out Gabriel was not the only one at the gym interested in his ass that day!

UKNakedMen: Jason Smith, Dimitry Osten (Bareback)

UKNakedMen: Jason Smith, Dimitry Osten

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (UKNakedMen: Jason Smith, Dimitry Osten)

Well Christmas is certainly here and lets turn up the heat and the cheer with this scorcher as Jason Smith fucks Dmitry Osten, bareback, uncut cocks, and one of the thickest, juiciest cocks I’ve beheld in a long time, I mean its like a massive, dark bratwurst, we’re lucky Dmitry is such a cum hungry cock-jockey. This cute little lad was raring to go and luved the girth, weight, length of the massive tool that was the meaty matter in hand. Dmitry is on his knees, quite rightly worshipping that monster meat, with due praise. …

TitanMen: Jason Vario, Luke Adams, Matthew Bosch (West Texas Park and Ride)

TitanMen: Jason Vario, Luke Adams, Matthew Bosch: West Texas Park and Ride

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (TitanMen: Jason Vario, Luke Adams, Matthew Bosch: West Texas Park and Ride)

Undercover agents Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario confront a surprised Luke Adams: “You’re the man we’ve been looking for.” But they get an offer from the desperate criminal, who wants leniency from the judge – and is quickly slurping on their huge uncut cocks to prove it, opening wide as he goes back and forth. Matthew and Jason smile at each other from above, Luke planting his nose to Matthew’s groin. Jason then holds the sucker’s head down on his cock, Matthew’s rod resting on Luke’s shoulder. Jason sucks them before Luke gets eaten by both. Jason fills the bottom’s hole as Matthew stuffs him at the other end, Luke soon showering in cum.

CzechHunter 335 (Bareback)

CzechHunter 335

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (CzechHunter 335)

I was walking around Prague suburbs looking for a catch when I saw this young looking guy playing with a toy car. At first, I was interested in the car because it drove really fast in the snow. I started talking to the boy and found out that he was not some kid playing with a toy. He was an 18 years old student. Quite a cutie. I didn’t waste any time and started giving him various naughty offers. He wasn’t very comfortable about it but needed money. Student’s life isn’t easy. Not even when you live at your parents. Fortunately, they weren’t home so we could enjoy the comfort and warmth of their apartment. We didn’t have much time so I had to act quickly. The parents were on the way and they would had been upset to see their youngest son fulfilling my every dirty wish.

WilliamHiggins: Tomas Fuk, Honza Onus (RAW, FULL CONTACT)

WilliamHiggins: Tomas Fuk, Honza Onus

Data Released: Jan 3, 2018 (WilliamHiggins: Tomas Fuk, Honza Onus)

YoungPerps: Austin Lock (Case No. 1712012-84) (Bareback)

YoungPerps: Austin Lock: Case No. 1712012-84

Data Released: Dec 22, 2017 (YoungPerps: Austin Lock: Case No. 1712012-84)

Petty Theft. 19 year old Caucasian male, 5’3,” entered a liquor store wearing a backpack, catching the attention of the staff and security. He was observed putting a bottle of wine into his bag, prompting the Loss Prevention Officer to bring him into the back room for processing. The suspect was detained, questioned, and searched. He appeared scared and nervous, leading to the quick recovery of the wine from his bag. An understanding was reached by the suspect and the Loss Prevention Officer, and he was released without involvement of law enforcement. $38.00 retail value recovered for the store without incident.

YesirBoys: Alex Roman, Master Aaron, Leon Bunny (Double Trouble)

YesirBoys: Alex Roman, Master Aaron, Leon Bunny: Double Trouble

Data Released: Dec 15, 2017 (YesirBoys: Alex Roman, Master Aaron, Leon Bunny: Double Trouble)

Master Aaron takes his boy toy Alex Roman to a dark underground dungeon. As they sit in a shady corner, Aaron border his personal slave to please him. As good as Alex may know what his master likes, tonight it’s simply not good enough. What would satisfy him far more is sharing his toy with Leo Bunny who’s spotted the two from a distance and is obviously enjoying the view.Aaron beckons to Leo who doesn’t need any convincing at all.He immediately pushes his rock hard cock inside the submissive boy’s hole and mouth. What follows is a hot threesome with lots of rough fucking and sucking, building up to Alex being double penetrated. …


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