CockyBoys: Taylor Reign, Travis Yukarin (Post Cards From LA)

CockyBoys: Taylor Reign, Travis Yukarin: Post Cards From LA

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (CockyBoys: Taylor Reign, Travis Yukarin: Post Cards From LA)

Taylor Reign welcomes Travis Yukarin in his porn debut at CockyBoys, but he doesn’t make it easy for the slightly nervous newcomer. Taylor, who Travis thinks is “hot stuff” stands near him, naked and hard, stretching and teasing him as his hands roam over his body and lightly stroke his cock. Travis has no choice but to get up from his chair and go over to Taylor, play with his ass and rub his muscular body up against his back. Finally Travis turns him around and kisses him as Taylor’s steel hard cock rubs against the the bulge in Travis’s briefs.

ChaosMen: Calhoun, Vander: RAW Flip Fuck

ChaosMen: Calhoun, Vander: RAW Flip Fuck

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (ChaosMen: Calhoun, Vander: RAW Flip Fuck)

I just can’t come up with enough superlatives for this video. It is definitely a dream match-up. In one corner, you have Vander, power Bottom and a very dirty boy. He does like to Top too. In the other corner of the couch, we have Calhoun. Another VERY dirty boy, who has discovered he not only likes topping, but bottoming as well. These two enter the ring hungry for each other’s cocks.

Bromo: Bo Sinn, Joey Mentana (Thrashin’) (Bareback)

Bromo: Bo Sinn, Joey Mentana: Thrashin'

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (Bromo: Bo Sinn, Joey Mentana: Thrashin’)

Bo Sinn is dominating the skate park and Joey Mentana will do anything to get his attention. But when he crosses the line and steals Bo’s prized possession, his punishment is raw and grinding. Bo Sinn delivers bareback retribution in the form of his rock hard monster cock, the likes of which Joey’s tight ass will never forget.

BrokeStraightBoys: Jason Sterling, Xavier Ryan (Bareback)

BrokeStraightBoys: Jason Sterling, Xavier Ryan

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (BrokeStraightBoys: Jason Sterling, Xavier Ryan)

Jason Sterling and Xavier Ryan have been spending some time together, playing video games and hanging out, and now they’re about to let it all hang out together. Xavier pulls the pants right off of Jason, wrapping his mouth around Jason’s cock and giving it a few good sucks before Jason’s on his knees to get a mouthful of Xavier’s prick. When they move things to the bed they get a taste of each other one more time, giving each other some oral before Xavier turns his ass around and sits on Jason’s hard dick, riding that bareback cock hard. …

BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Quinn Williams (Chris Gets A Big Messy Facial) (Bareback)

BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Quinn Williams: Chris Gets A Big Messy Facial

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Quinn Williams: Chris Gets A Big Messy Facial)

Quinn and Chris are a perfect couple. These two versatile boys love to spend the afternoon sharing their hard young dicks and sliding in and out of each other. Chris gets the fun started as he slurps on the smooth shaven dick of his friend, then it’s his turn to give his buddy a taste. With his cock now throbbing and leaking precum he slides into that perfect plump little rump Quinn is offering and fucks him sensually, passionately. He’s not one to miss out on being a bottom though, so you won’t be surprised to see him offering up his own naked ass for Quinn to ease his shaft into. With so much raw pleasure being shared the cum loads can’t be too far away, and be prepared for something messy as Quinn unleashes a shower of hot semen all over his lucky friend!

8TeenBoy: Jamie Ray, Devin Lewis (High Tide) (Bareback)

8TeenBoy: Jamie Ray, Devin Lewis: High Tide

Data Released: Jan 5, 2018 (8TeenBoy: Jamie Ray, Devin Lewis: High Tide)

San Diego is famous for it’s beautiful bay, add an adorable twink like Devin Lewis sitting alone on the sandy shore and that beautiful bay turns absolutely breathtaking! Naturally a cutie pie such as Lewis won’t be alone for long. In saunters sexy blond Jamie Ray who eye fucks Lewis so hard no words are even needed to get the brunette boy-babe back to his place. Dick hungry Devin devours Ray’s rager while Jamie’s thick hand pushes his new buddy’s pie hole deep down onto his pretty piece. The boys swap and Jamie’s thirsty throat wraps itself around Lewis’s looming loin before he hops on top for a buck wild, bareback rod ride! …

BoundGods: Jay Austin, Myles Landon (Street Meat: Back Alley Bondage)

BoundGods: Jay Austin, Myles Landon

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (BoundGods: Jay Austin, Myles Landon: Street Meat: Back Alley Bondage)

Feeling horny on a hot night, Jay Austin leans his back against a wall in a dirty alley somewhere downtown, rubbing his cock through jean shorts, cruising for guys. He unzips his fly and pulls his cock out of his underwear and jerks it until its hard. Muscle-stud, Myles Landon happens to walk by and stops to watch Jay play with his cock and starts rubbing his own. Without exchanging any words, Myles grabs Jay’s cock, kisses him deeply, and drops to his knees to suck his cock. Myles punches Jay’s chest and stretches his balls while he blows him. Myles then takes his own leather belt off and starts spanking Jay’s ass with it while he makes him lick his sweaty armpits. …

BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol, Jean-Luc Bisset (Top Of The Class) (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol, Jean-Luc Bisset: Top Of The Class

Data Released: Dec 25, 2017 (BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol, Jean-Luc Bisset: Top Of The Class)

By now you are all aware that Kevin is one of our main ‘trainers’ for new boys. This involves showing them all the tricks for having sex in front of a camera. A lot of this happens off set, and some of it in front of the camera. This is Jean-Luc’s graduation performance with Kevin, so it is one of his earliest scenes, and we hope that it makes for a nice early Christmas present.

BelAmiOnline: Arne Coen, Bastian Dufy (Erotic Massage) (Part 1 & 2) (Bareback)

BelAmiOnline: Arne Coen, Bastian Dufy: Erotic Massage

Data Released: Dec 27, 2017 (BelAmiOnline: Arne Coen, Bastian Dufy: Erotic Massage)

It is not so often that we have a massage opening to a scene and Bastian seems to have a natural gift for working all the stress and tension out of Arne’s muscles. Part 1 starts with a gentle, romantic pace and build up to some deep and intense fucking by Bastian until Arne shoots his load all over his chest. Part 2 is just as intense, with Arne taking over the role as top.

MEN (Str8 to Gay): Casey Jacks, John Magnum (Room Share)

MEN (Str8 to Gay): Casey Jacks, John Magnum: Room Share

Data Released: Jan 4, 2018 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Casey Jacks, John Magnum: Room Share)

Casey Jacks and John Magnum are sharing a room together along with their girlfriends. The girls are resting while both men are wide awake and horny. Why bother them when they can just take care of each other.


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