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FrenchTwinks: Soap Fight’n Fuck Abel VS Ryan (Abel Lacourt, Ryan Marchal)


Data Released: Aug 4, 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Soap Fight’n Fuck Abel VS Ryan: Abel Lacourt, Ryan Marchal)

“Twinks fighting and fucking in soap”.
Abel Lacourt and Ryan Marchal compete in this first episode of our game “Soap, Fight & Fuck”. The rules are simple, two full naked opponents, covered of ultra-slippery soap must submit their opponent and end up fucking him. The two twinks soon fall and the fight continues on the ground. The hairless and shining bodies glide over each other. Ryan takes over Abel and puts his big cock in his mouth. …

BareTwinks: Michael Wants To Be Taken Hard! (Justin Cross, Michael Klein) (Bareback)


Data Released: 4 Aug, 2017 (BareTwinks: Michael Wants To Be Taken Hard!: Justin Cross, Michael Klein)

Every horny boy has his fantasies, and for Michael it’s someone walking in while he’s doing something everyday and getting bent over and fucked raw and mean! Justin arrives to fulfill his needs, and fill his ass! After a sexy greeting Michael is sucking on that big hairy dick, then being bent over the counter and rammed from behind as the big dicked boy uses his hole! The boys move to some stools and really get down to it, with Justin thrusting in and out of that tight hole and making Michael cum all over himself before pumping his own fresh load right in the boys chute!


BareTwinks: Kyle Catches A Wild Fuckizard! (Blake Anderson, Kyle Rhodes) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jul 28, 2017 (BareTwinks: Kyle Catches A Wild Fuckizard!: Blake Anderson, Kyle Rhodes)

Trainer Kyle has found and captured a Fuckizard, one of the rarest possible! It’s easy to see why he’s so pleased when he finally releases him in the bedroom. The Fuckizard is soon feeding Kyle that big bare cock, rimming his perfectly smooth ass and sinking his impressive length deep into that tight hole. Kyle is in heaven, riding that shaft all over the bed and enjoying the pleasure as his new Fuckizard prods at his prostate and makes him spurt hot cum! With a warm load splashed over his back and that wet dick sliding back into his pucker he’s a very happy trainer indeed!


FrenchTwinks: Three Boys in the Lockers Room (Abel Lacourt, Gabriel Lambert, Jonathan Garnier)


Data Released: Jul 26, 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Three Boys in the Lockers Room: Abel Lacourt, Gabriel Lambert, Jonathan Garnier)

Abel Lacourt and Gabriel Lambert are changing in the locker room of the pool when they are caught with an uncontrollable erection and an irrepressible desire to masturbate. Used to exhibit their bodies, they don’t care about being surprised in action and we even think they would be delighted that other boys join them. …

FrenchTwinks: William Lefort, Chris Loan


Data Released: 2017 (FrenchTwinks: William Lefort, Chris Loan)


FrenchTwinks: Ryan Marchal, Jonathan Garnier


Data Released: 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Ryan Marchal, Jonathan Garnier)


FrenchTwinks: Robin Castel, William Lefort


Data Released: 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Robin Castel, William Lefort)


FrenchTwinks: Paul Delay, Alexis Tivoli


Data Released: 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Paul Delay, Alexis Tivoli)


FrenchTwinks: Matteo Lavigne, Kevin Ventura


Data Released: 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Matteo Lavigne, Kevin Ventura)


FrenchTwinks: Loic Miller, William Lefort


Data Released: 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Loic Miller, William Lefort)



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