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BareTwinks – Jason Valencia & Skyler Evans


Data Released: Jan 9, 2015

It’s so easy for a bottom to get a big dick these days, Skylar shows us how when he texts stranger Jason and the big-dicked boy arrives within minutes to fill him up with his boner! No fuss and no drama, the boys get right to business as Jason feeds his new friend his inches, spanks his bare butt, then slides his naked length in deep to fuck him several positions! With Skyler’s load fucked out of him, he gets a great wad in the butt from his new buddy to finish things off!


BareTwinks – Scott Alexander & Skyler Evans


Data Released: Jan 2, 2015

Scott and Skyler are finishing off a game of Chess when horny Scott has a better idea. He’s the loser of the game, but he’s certainly the winner when it comes to getting a tight raw boy hole for his cock to slide into! The geeky twinks make out and suck dick, but it’s the sight of handsome uncut Scott enjoying that snug pucker in so many positions that will have you all joining in with the shared splashing cum loads! Skyler gets a cummy hole, and Scott gets a taste of semen as a delicious reward!


NextDoorTwink – Andrew Collins & Tommy White


Data Released: Dec 31, 2014

Morning Wood: Andrew Collins, Tommy White

After a wonderful evening of telling jokes, playing twister, watching the television, and snacking on junk food, friends Tommy White and Andrew Collins finally are feeling tired. Andrew’s folks are out of town for the weekend and the boys thought they’d have a good time. Tommy’s the first to stretch, yawn, and suggest they tuck in for the night. Andrew agrees, mentioning tomorrow is a whole day of fun, still ahead of them. A good night’s rest was just what they needed. So much so, Andrew awoke to a plump boner in his underwear. …

BareTwinks – Colby Klein & Jay Boy


Data Released: Dec 26, 2014

The bauble’s on the tree will be jingling as hard as Colby’s heavy balls are during this bareback fuck! The boys are in the mood for a Christmas treat in this holiday special, feasting on cock and stuffing some hole, all finished off with a generous drizzling of thick cream, that soon finds its way into that freshly fucked pucker!


NextDoorTwink – Jackson Taylor, Tripp Townsend & Troy Accola


Data Released: Dec 24, 2014

Bottom Poker: Jackson Taylor, Tripp Townsend, Troy Accola

What’s more fun on a lazy afternoon with some friends than a game of poker? What about STRIP poker?! Jackson Taylor has invited over Troy Accola and Tripp Townsend to hang out. Little did they know, themselves and their host would end up with their clothes off!Once the game of strip poker is underway, Tripp perks up a bit at the sight of Troy’s and Jackson’s healthy bodies. He makes a joke saying he’s gonna fuck the losers of the game, but Jackson treats it as much more than a silly comment. …

BareTwinks – Colby Klein & Jamie Sanders


Data Released: Dec 19, 2014

Jamie Gets A Load In His Hole: Colby Klein, Jamie Sanders

Fit twink Colby loves to take control, but although the spanking is painful Colby seems more turned on with every slap. Within moments their cocks are out and the boys are gobbling on each others delicious boners, with some excellent 69 action getting their cum loads building. It’s the bareback twink fucking that really has them on the edge, with Colby banging his friends butt all over the couch and making Jamie cum a hot load over his chest – something he just has to taste. With fresh semen on his tongue Colby pumps round after round of his own load into his friends ass, leaving us watching Jamie’s pucker oozing juice!


AirmaxSex – An All Inclusive Threesome


Data Released: Dec 12, 2014

A hot french threesome for a new production that i discovered recently. Fist, DP and 2 big uncut cocks for a smooth twinks.

NextDoorTwink – Ace Parker & Daniel Ross


Data Released: Dec 17, 2014

Pajama Bottom: Ace Parker, Daniel Ross

When Daniel Ross wakes up for class in his new dorm, he realizes the shower is occupied…bummer! He’ll just have to wait. But while he does, there’s no harm in taking a peek at who’s washing up! Turns out it’s Ace Parker, the hot upper classman on Daniel’s hall. Daniel’s wanted to see Ace naked since they first met, and now’s his chance! Daniel watches the Ace soap up his entire deliciously chiseled body. As he peers from around the door, Daniel touches himself, squeezing his growing boner. When Daniel slips on a corner of wet linoleum and bumps against the wall, blowing his cover, Ace is shocked. …

BareTwinks – Colby Klein & Skyler Evans, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 12, 2014

Ball Bouncing Bareback Buddies: Colby Klein, Skyler Evans

Skyler is the lucky boy getting an amazing fuck from his friend Colby, and the fit twink top boy really knows how to deliver what every bottom needs! The boys start making out, but soon their cocks are free for some truly tasty sucking. Colby is rock hard and needing that pucker so bad, rimming his friend and getting his hole wet, and once it is he’s sliding in deep! A ball bouncing bareback slamming ensues, with lucky Skyler taking it all over the bed until his cock is pumping cum out over himself, and all that’s left is for Colby to drain his veiny swollen boner over that pucker – and slide his sticky cock right back in!


NextDoorTwink – Danny Forest & Anthony Scott


Data Released: Dec 10, 2014

Truth Or Suck: Danny Forest, Anthony Scott.

Anthony Scott is VERY excited about his roommate this semester. It’s a boy by the name of Danny Forrest. He’s tall, handsome, and has red hair. It’s still the first week of school, so the two haven’t had a chance to get to know each other very well. But Anthony’s cooking up a scheme that might help them get to know each other intimately! Danny is hard at work, studying, when Anthony suggests they play a game of truth or dare, just for fun. Danny reluctantly agrees, and says he’s not afraid to accept ANY dare. Anthony sees this as a golden opportunity and dares sexy Danny to suck his dick! …


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