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BareTwinks: A Threesome Fuck Train and DP Too! (Casey Xander, Jasper King, Michael Klein) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (BareTwinks: A Threesome Fuck Train and DP Too!: Casey Xander, Jasper King, Michael Klein)

Imagine you’re filming handsome boys Jasper and Michael stroking and sucking those hard cocks in the bedroom, you wouldn’t be able to stay on the sidelines and film it either! Casey can’t resist getting his own throbbing tool out for some fun, sharing his own dick and mouth with his friends as they feast on each other. The oral orgy might be enough to have you gushing, but stick around to see Casey claiming both his friend’s naked holes and dunks his dick in each of his buddies! Just when you think it can’t get hotter, watch as Michael impales his hole on both his friends at once for a DP riding!


BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Cole Patrick (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 8, 2017 (BareTwinks: Chris Summers, Cole Patrick)

It’s been a long day, Chris and Cole have been hard constantly, desperate to share their dicks and shoot their loads together. Finally they’ve got some privacy and the time they need to suck those hard young cocks and fuck raw to get those big splashing loads pumping! The gorgeous teens swap their boners and slurp each other, but soon enough Cole’s perfect little hole is being licked and then stuffed with throbbing young cock! …

8TeenBoy: Drawn Together (Alan Davis, Jared Scott) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 8, 2017 (8TeenBoy: Drawn Together: Alan Davis, Jared Scott)

Jared Scott has several talents, one of them being art. Using chalk on the basketball court at the park, he’s creating a cock catcher of a creative piece that draws Alan Davis towards him. Alan gives praise to Jared’s talents and invites him back to his place to find out if the hottie has talents in other areas. Davis quickly finds out that Scott is a skilled schlong sucker as well. Davis is impressed, AND raging hard! …

BareTwinks: Cumming Deep In His Ass! (Cameron Hilander, Elijah Young) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 1, 2017 (BareTwinks: Cumming Deep In His Ass!: Cameron Hilander, Elijah Young)

When you’re ass is as tight as twink boy Cameron’s you’re never short of boys with big dicks who want to slide in deep. Secretly he’s got a few boyfriends, but he likes Elijah’s big bare cock the most. Watch as the gorgeous boyfriends make out, sucking those big throbbing boners and building up to the real fun. With that tight ass aching for a big dick up it Cameron takes it with Elijah spooning him, then on his back and finally bent over so Elijah can really go deep and make him cum. With Cameron spent and Elijah pumping his load in his ass we’re all erupting with them!


BareTwinks: Cumming Inside His Tight Hole (Kayden Alexander, Zack Love) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 25, 2017 (BareTwinks: Cumming Inside His Tight Hole: Kayden Alexander, Zack Love)

Sweet boys Zack and Kayden make a great team. We join the teen boys in the bedroom as things start to get heated, making out and groping for hard young cock. Soon enough those stiff boners are out and the friends suck and slurp each other with the kind of hunger we would all have for them too! With Kayden’s hole wet with spit Zack eases his naked cock into him, taking it slow, but picking up the pace to really work that pucker. It’s so tight, it feels so good around his cock, and when Kaysden starts splashing his cum out all over the bed Zack can’t stop his own dick from pumping jet after jet of hot twink semen deep inside him! Watch the boy’s balls flex and his shaft throb as his load gushes into Kayden!


FrenchTwinks: Two Fat Cocks For Matteo (Matteo Lavigne, Abel Lacourt, Ryan Marchal)


Data Released: Aug 18, 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Two Fat Cocks For Matteo: Matteo Lavigne, Abel Lacourt, Ryan Marchal)

After spending the evening in a night club, Matteo Lavigne, Abel Lacourt and Ryan Marchal have an after party at home and go into a party game of “Strip Dice”. The goal of the game is simple, the one who makes the smallest number must take off an item of clothing. Ryan is already half naked, but luck turns and it’s the turn of Matteo and then Abel to take off their t-shirts. The dice continues to roll between two drinks and the three boys will not be long to find themselves naked. What could three naughty twinks do naked on a sofa after a drunken night? …

BareTwinks: Adorable Jacob Loves Big Bare Cocks! (Hunter Reed, Jacob Grant)


Data Released: Aug 18, 2017 (BareTwinks: Adorable Jacob Loves Big Bare Cocks!)

Jacob looks pretty cute and sweet, but as you’ll find out this handsome young twink loves to take it a little bit rough. It’s a good thing we have a big-dicked boy like Hunter to give the young man what he likes! Within moments the two are feasting on those delicious boners, sucking and licking those dicks and working up to the bare fucking with some tasty anal. Jacobs tight little pucker gets filled in by the hung young man, with ass slapping and even some light choking too before cum loads are ready to spill! Looks like Jacob got a little of what he likes, but something tells me there’s more in store for this horny bottom.


8TeenBoy: Quick Learner (Alan Davis, Jimmy Andrews) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 18, 2017 (8TeenBoy: Quick Learner: Alan Davis, Jimmy Andrews)

Book worm Jimmy Andrews is studying hard when Alan Davis saunters up behind him just as hard! Davis is devilishly sexy and Jimmy is unable to focus on books when the beautiful bad boy drops to his knees. A cock swap suck-a-thon ensues but then straight A student Andrews decides to crack open Alan’s ass like a best seller and dive into the plot. …

BareTwinks: Sexy Boy Justin Gets His Threeway Wish (Aaron Martin, Justin Cross, Kayden Alexander) (Bareback)


Data Released: Aug 11, 2017 (BareTwinks: Sexy Boy Justin Gets His Threeway Wish: Aaron Martin, Justin Cross, Kayden Alexander)

Who could resist the wishes of a gorgeous boy like Justin? No one, of course. When we found out that he craved a bareback threesome with a couple of adorable twink bottoms we were soon getting Aaron and Kayden together to make it happen. It’s an incredible sight, seeing these boys making out and sucking those hard young dicks, but that’s just the start. Watch as hung Aaron impales his hole on Justin’s length while blond boy Kayden sucks him, then prepare to see Kayden being sandwiched as Justin plunders his butt while he fucks Aaron! Finally, Justin plunges his boner into each of the boys to make them splash their juice, and finishes off with a mess of cum from his own cock for his two twinks to taste! We love making boy’s fantasies come true, especially when they’re this horny.


FrenchTwinks: Touch My Body (Gaetan Phoenix, Enzo Lemercier)


Data Released: Aug 10, 2017 (FrenchTwinks: Touch My Body: Gaetan Phoenix, Enzo Lemercier)

Enzo Lemercier and Gaetan Phoenix play in a very personal way to the popular “Touch My Body Challenge”. Enzo is blindfolded and attempts to guess on which part of his body Gaetan places his finger. The twink starts with his ear, his lips, his nipple… then he decides to spice up the game and get naked. Enzo touches Gaetan’s balls with his finger, then the kinky twink pulls his friend’s hand towards his tight hole. …


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