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ChaosMen: Carmine, Ledger: Serviced


Data Released: Aug 17, 2016 (ChaosMen: Carmine, Ledger: Serviced)

I wanted to pair Ledger with Carmine so we could have a hot Latin suckfest! Well, Carmine does all the sucking is this suckfest, but we do get Ledger to stroke Carmine’s 9″ uncut cock for a bit. Ledger came sooo close to sucking on it, but alas, it looks like we will have to move through his limits. They both have hot steamy energy, and based on Ledger’s vibe, you can tell he is going to be a Bossy Top. Although, he sure did enjoy getting is ass rimmed! Ledger fucks Carmines face, and then jerks a giant load into Carmine’s open mouth. I love Ledger’s rough trade look, and after doing this video very successfully, I am pretty sure he will jump easily into being a full-on performer.


Maskurbate: MSKB Fan meets Deboxer (Manuel Deboxer, Channing)


Data Released: Aug 16, 2016 (Maskurbate: Manuel Deboxer, Channing)

Channing has been a big fan of Maskurbate for many years now. He wrote me about meeting his favorite pornstar, Manuel Deboxer. He was lucky that Manuel was in town so I was able to arrange a meeting, as long as I was authorized to shoot the entire thing. I could tell that Channing has never done porn before and was very nervous & excited to share a scene with his idol. He had trouble keeping his hands and mouth off Deboxer as my camera was sometimes in the way. Reality at its best!


FrenchTwinks: Punished By His Sport Trainer


Data Released: Aug 4, 2016

“An 18 Years Twink takes four facial cumshot”.
Cast: Matteo Lavigne, Chris Loan, Paul Delay, Nolan Lacroix, Abel Lacourt.
Our star athlete Chris Loan decided to give sport training in the garden to Abel Lacourt, Matteo Lavigne, Paul Delay and Nolan Lacroix. The four twinks follow somehow the pace of their coach under a blazing sun but Matteo seems more interested in fiddling Abel than to do sport. Chris also has some ideas in mind and takes this opportunity to give a little lesson in discipline and instructions respect to Matteo inviting him to suck his big cock. …

Maskurbate: Blowing Sebastien (Manuel Deboxer, Sebastien)


Data Released: Avg 2, 2016

Straight stud Sebastien gets worshipped & sucked by pornstar Manuel Deboxer. Sebastien first appeared on Maskurbate more than a year ago. His natural build was very much appreciated. As I offered Manuel to replace me in a muscle worship session, he asked if Sebastien would agree to make a comeback. Fortunately for us, Sebastien agreed and looked very pleased to be serviced by one of the hottest guy in porn…


ChaosMen: Cooper Reed, Whitaker: Serviced


Data Released: Jul 27, 2016

Since Whitaker is somewhat local, it took me a couple weeks to have him drive back in and do the oral video. I was a little worried I would not get his second video. He was very nervous about doing it. Like many of the straight guys, they are fine with getting their dicks sucked in private, but putting it on the Internet took him some time to think about following through. Cooper was in town to do another scene, so I called Whitaker up last minute to see if he wanted to make it happen, and sure enough he was down to play. …

ChaosMen: Carmine, Edison: Serviced


Data Released: Jul 13, 2016

Edison was nervous about doing this shoot. He loves getting his dick sucked and his big balls played with. But according to him, he never has had a guy do it. In general, he thought he would be fine. We took a couple still photos of him with his hard cock out, then he shoves it back into his shorts. Carmine asks him if he is ready, then dives in before Edison loses his hard-on completely. But first, Carmine went for those big balls! They are fascinatingly huge! I was worried that Edison’s dick would go down with only some ball-worship happening, but he stayed excited enough just having his balls played with. Carmine peels his shorts off of him to get better access to that amazing package. …

BentleyRace: Muscle Mates Romain And James First Hook Up (Romain Deville, James Nowak)


Data Released: Jul 9, 2016

I knew this was going to be a hot video when I introduced Romain to James a few weeks ago in Melbourne. The guys were a little awkward together at first but by the time we finished the shoot Romain was ready to rip off James’ clothes and roll around with the muscle stud on the bed. There’s a lot of wrestling, kissing and cock sucking in this video. Just two very horny men getting each other off. This is the first duo scene for both Romain and James. It’s a perfect match up between my French and Aussie mates. After seeing them in action here I can’t wait to get them in to a lot more honey scenes. Make sure you watch right to the end to see James get a chest full of cum.


ChaosMen: Franco, Zak Fit: Serviced


Data Released: Jul 6, 2016

Zak was not kidding when he said he could swallow some cock! Instead of him just getting serviced, we started with Franco and Zak both stroking their own cocks. They eyeball each other’s dicks, then start to stroke each other. Zak’s cock was hard first, so he slides on down to nurse on Franco’s semi-erect cock. Zak must have some great skills because Franco go hard pretty quick! Zak just zones out while cock-sucking. You can tell just how focused he is, and happy to have a cock in his mouth. When it came time for Franco to suck him, it took Zak some time to get hard. …

ChaosMen: Clayton, Sean Peyton: Serviced


Data Released: Jun 29, 2016

I had Clayton and Sean watch some videos together to keep things simple. I knew once they had their cocks hard, they both would soon be showing-off their oral skills. For a little guy, Clayton has a big cock, so Sean dives in first to help his buddy get to full mass. He doesn’t quite get there, so Clayton starts to suck on him for a bit. They both then sit back and get their cocks totally hard. Let the sucking begin in earnest! Sean gets as much of Clayton’s meat down his throat, while Clayton returns the favor. …

TwinksInShorts: Joel Vargas, Blake Burrows


Data Released: Jun 21, 2016

Charming and sensual Joel Vargas has the hots for the new kid in town, Blake Burrows. They meet up one afternoon and Joel offers the twink a free massage. Blake jumps at the chance, thinking he’s going to get a simple massage. Little does he know, Joel’s got other plans. After heading to a secluded wooded area, curly-haired Joel strips Blake down and gets him completely naked. He then pulls out the oil and pours it all over Blake’s back. Then, his hands slippery with oil, Joel practically makes love to Blake using only his hands. The twink is fully hard, with a big uncut cock for Joel to tease with his tongue, hand, and ass as he rubs himself all over the fat tool before jerking Blake off with a handjob that makes the slender twink explode.



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