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COLTstudiogroup – Jimmy Durano & Armond Rizzo


Data Released: Jul 31, 2014

Embrace, Scene #04: Jimmy Durano, Armond Rizzo

And now for some good clean fun. Big-boy Jimmy Durano and young, athletic hottie Armond Rizzo join each other for a sensual bath. Coming together in the warm sudsy water of a tub built for two, Armond leans in for a deep kiss as he washes Jimmy’s muscular chest. Excitement rises with more deep kissing, wandering hands and big throbbing uncut cocks emerging from the water. Armond and Jimmy take turns enjoying the juicy foreskin of each other’s oversized man tools, sucking and slurping every inch of each other. …

NakedPapis – Shanker & Blade


Data Released: Jul 29, 2014


MasqueradeMen – Logan Vaughn & Andy


Data Released: Jul 28, 2014

MASQ’ed: Logan Vaughn, Andy

This week’s update is our first in series named “MASQ’ed,” with this one featuring the experienced Logan Vaughn and newbie Andy James! In the intro you’ll see how Logan binds Andy’s hands and feet to his bed and then does whatever he wants to his sexy body. This was Andy’s first gay experience so Logan starts him off first with some oil and body rubs before blowing his dick. He obviously enjoyed a man’s lips on his cock because he gets rock hard in seconds. Before he knows it though, Logan has him rolled up on his back, butt up where it belongs for full access, with first one then two fingers up in there all the way. No doubt, Andy’s got a handsome ass & hole, with one solitary freckle in the cutest place you’ll have to see for yourself. As for the rest, stop reading and click play!


SpunkWorthy – Blowing Cy


Data Released: Jul 25, 2014

When Cy had come over for his qwicky video a few weeks ago, I really wanted to get him back for a blowjob. I love his tight furry bod and a fair number of members apparently do, too, asking to see more of him on the site. Cy was a little hesitant. Not because he was afraid of doing anything with a guy, necessarily, but he admitted that it’s really hard for him to get off from bjs. I took that as a challenge. He was ready to go by the time his shorts were peeled off of him, with a cock that was growing steadily as I started sucking on it. …

ChaosMen – Gennaro & Griffin: Serviced


Data Released: Jul 23, 2014

I asked both Gennaro and Griffin if they had used Fleshjacks before, and neither had. They are kind of expensive, so it is not surprising that most guys have not spent a good chunk of change on one for personal use. Griffin is a very sexual guy, and Gennaro was eager to get a nut off. Both guys are hard and ready to go even before we started. Griffin, though it is his first film, is clearly the more experienced, and the aggressor. They both REALLY enjoyed the Fleshjacks, and they take turns kicking-back and letting the other guy do the stroking. Griffin’s biggest turn-on is sucking a guy’s cock, deep throating, and making him nut. He of course likes having his own cock sucked, but as he mentioned in his solo, they really have to have skills. …

CorbinFisher – Eating Sheldon’s Load: Quinn & Sheldon


Data Released: Jul 22, 2014

Sheldon loves getting his dick sucked, so there’s no better way to welcome him to CF than having him get a BJ right at the start! He actually doesn’t remember too much about his first BJ back when he was in high school, but I suspect he will most definitely remember this one. Quinn was licking his lips at the prospect of welcoming Sheldon to CF with a master BJ. Sheldon’s masculine and totally ripped, with a deep and sexy voice and a thick, uncut cock. …

BiLatinMen – Late & CC


Data Released: Jul 17, 2014

Like many models who tell us that they are straight, cute top model Late needed money, so he agreed to let a guy suck him on video. You can tell this Latin boy really likes getting his dick slobbered on, and he drills CC’s mouth like the horny energetic top that he is.


BiLatinMen – Domingo & Icarus


Data Released: Jul 10, 2014

At first Domingo told us he was straight, then he admitted that he was attracted to trannies too. For money he said he was willing to let a guy suck his dick, so we paired him up with full-blown bottom Latin boy Icarus, who loved satisfying Domingo’s thick curved uncut dick.


WilliamHiggins – Wank Party 2014 #4, Part 1, RAW


Data Released: Jul 9, 2014

Wank Party 2014 #4, Part 1 RAW – WANK PARTY

Models: Arny Donan, Mate More, Radan Flex, Steve Peryoux


BelAmiOnline – Kinky Angels – Sex Education


Data Released: Issue 18, Jul, 2014

with Billy Montague, Bobby Larson

Bobby’s Kinky Angel sexual education continues with his first blowjob. Sadly, Bobby’s father has put a halt to his artistic ambitions at this time so this is the first and last material we have with him. Should we reach him again, we’ll continue his education. Those disappointed may take comfort in the fact that we’re working with his cousin who has already shot a full scene co-starring Kevin Warhol.



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