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MaleReality: Gaykakke 2, Scene #04 (Chris Hollander, Marcos Rue, Tony, Adam Black, Adam West, Sven Laarson, Martin Love)


Data Released: Jul 20, 2017 (MaleReality: Gaykakke 2, Scene #04: Chris Hollander, Marcos Rue, Tony, Adam Black, Adam West, Sven Laarson, Martin Love)

Chris Hollander, Marcos Rue, Tony, Adam Black, Adam West, Sven Laarson, Martin Love The guys are all sitting around watching TV and just hanging when the Pizza guy (Tony) shows up. Nobody has money for the pizza, in order a Compromise Tony just needs some dick.


BelAmiOnline: Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Jordan Faris


Data Released: 2017 (Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Jordan Faris)


ChaosMen: Callum, Jalen: Serviced


Data Released: Jul 19, 2017 (ChaosMen: Callum, Jalen: Serviced)

Callum is Fairly Silent during his first blowjob, However he has a I didn’t translate he felt ridiculous, he simply appears pleased to be there. He begins the movie stroking his penis. Jalen gets in there and get off his shorts, and begins stroking him. …

ChaosMen: Ash, Sean Peyton: Edge


Data Released: Jul 12, 2017 (ChaosMen: Ash, Sean Peyton: Edge)

It has been a while since I have done an Edge video. It is hard to find new guys who will do some of the fantasy elements. But when Ash said he could easily cum from a blow job, but was not sure about doing anything back, I figured I had better get him in the chair for some edging. …

Maskurbate: Office Suck 6: Marc


Data Released: Jul 4, 2017 (Maskurbate: Office Suck 6: Marc)

The Office Suck series gives me a chance to invite to my home office a hot jock I’ve been fantasizing about and to worship his body as I wish. This time, I selected young Marc because of his amazing lean muscular body and especially his huge 9 incher. No doubt that I enjoyed myself, as always, and looks like Marc did too!


ChaosMen: Jalen, Todd: Serviced


Data Released: Jun 28, 2017 (ChaosMen: Jalen, Todd: Serviced)

Despite having done video work before, Bryan wanted to check-out Todd’s cock-sucking skills. He set him up with Jalen to do a traditional side-by-side jerk-off. Even though he has done video work before, this video has a first-time vibe. …

ChaosMen: Jason Hillcrest, Sean Peyton: Serviced


Data Released: Jun 21, 2017 (ChaosMen: Jason Hillcrest, Sean Peyton: Serviced)

Jason Hillcrest’s cock has got to be more than 8-inches. He was really turned-on in this video and it seems to have grown an inch or more overnight! Sean Peyton had his work cut out for him. He can usually deep throat a guy, but Jason’s cock seemed more than he could handle. …

ChaosMen: Kodi, Nelson: Serviced


Data Released: Jun 14, 2017 (ChaosMen: Kodi, Nelson: Serviced)

Nelson mentioned during his solo that sucking dick is one of his favorite things, and you can sure tell by this video that he does indeed love it! Usually the new guys are the ones being serviced, but Nelson dives in first, showing-off some great cock-sucking skills. …

ChaosMen: Lorenzo, Timmy: Serviced


Data Released: Jun 7, 2017 (ChaosMen: Lorenzo, Timmy: Serviced)

Timmy kept up his winning attitude! The boy really has great sexual energy, and was definitely excited to work with Lorenzo. The two guys loved kissing each other. Lorenzo works his way down his body, paying close attention to Timmy’s sensitive nipples. Once Lorenzo pulls out his cock you can tell Timmy is all about a guy worshiping his cock. …

ChaosMen: Jalen, Lorenzo: Serviced


Data Released: May 17, 2017 (ChaosMen: Jalen, Lorenzo: Serviced)

Sharp viewers will spot that this video was shot on Valentine’s Day, and the energy in this video really reflects a romantic vibe. For Jalen’s first time, he was really pleased to be playing with Lorenzo. Both guys were single for Valentine’s Day, and you can tell they went at this video like it was a hot date. …


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