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NakedPapis – Rene & Chiquitin, Bareback


Data Released: Jan 8, 2015

Chiquitin wanted more Vergas Grandes, its funny cause out of nowhere Rene hit us up for work. We stopped looking for Nude Men that would take that job. I’m jealous of Chiquitin, he is getting a lot of dick.


RedhotLatinos – Buenos Aires Orgy


Data Released: Jan 1, 2015

A worker, Marcelo Temples, shows up to the party looking for a job. He finds more than he bargained for as all the guests are spread all over the yard and furniture hard at it. In a flash, his clothes are off and he`s in the thick of it with the other guests. A full on orgy ensues with everyone taking a turn at all the festivities. They gulp and bob on each other`s cocks, spread open and probe each other before sinking their cocks balls-deep into each other. The yard is swarmed with dripping cocks, flicking tongues and eager butts. After everyone has satisfied their desire, they kick back and relax in each other`s arms; Waiting to start a new party sometime soon…


BiLatinMen – Chilango & FL


Data Released: Dec 29, 2014

Bottom Latin gangster FL has a girlfriend, but he is a cock whore too, and loves being a bottom for a hard Latin cock. Chilango told us he is straight, but he has been fucking gay guys both for money and for fun for a long time (ever since the first gay boy discovered that Chilango’s uncut dick gets super hard whenever a mouth or ass gets near it).


RawStrokes – Red & Ricky Cruz


Data Released: Dec 27, 2014


BangBangBoys – Romulo Bangs Hugo, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 25, 2014

Hugo is lying about the apartment with just a jock strap on and his bare ass showing. How is Romulo supposed to ignore that and not want to stick his cock in that fine ass? He starts by getting his tongue deep inside Hugo’s hole. By that time Hugo’s aroused and wants Romulo’s big fat cock in his mouth. Then Romulo pounds Hugo’s ass against the wall, on the couch – all over the damn place until Hugo has his own cum all over his stomach and Romulo’s all over his face!


MachoFucker – Brutal Ajax 2 – Just Outta Jail, Bareback


Data Released: Dec 24, 2014

Greek straight hunk AJAX had just served some time, thats why he had disappeared from our radar short while after his first MACHOFUCKER movie. AJAX truly looks like the ruff, hardened Prison Thug he has become. And as many Ex-Cons he was in need of cash and boi-pussy. He knew that we could offer him both.


LatinBoyz – Menace & Prince Rick


Data Released: Dec 23, 2014

Our newest model, 19 year old Prince Rick, contacted us after we released our video of Menace fucking a guy for the first time. He let us know that he has been wanting to do porn for a long time and experiencing Menace’s big Honduran dick would be a great start. For his part Menace was down for fucking another guy especially if he was going to get paid (it didn’t hurt that he hadn’t had sex for a couple weeks, either). Rick sucked his dick so good he almost came from that but managed to hold back and fuck him good before both boyz shot their big loads.


LucioSaints – Ivan Romero & Lucio Saints


Data Released: Dec 21, 2014


BiLatinMen – Damian & Jonathan


Data Released: Dec 22, 2014

Damian is a straight Latino guy who had never fucked a guy in the ass before. He is sexy, shy and masculine all at the same time, but once he starts fucking Jonathan in the ass, he fucks him hard and non-stop. Guys usually start fucking slow and then build up speed, but Damian fucked hard right from the start.


RedhotLatinos – Lucas Ronda, Julian Terra & Gerardo Bartok


Data Released: Dec 18, 2014

Gerardo, the gardener is trimming the hedge. He spies Lucas and Julian going at it. Gerardo eagerly watches the two getting more and more turned on. Lucas and Julian put on an unintentional show for Gerardo sucking and tonguing each other. Gerardo starts yanking on his own cock as Lucas gets on all fours with Julian opening his ass up. Gerardo can`t help but soak his load out when the two start fucking. It doesn`t take long before Lucas and Julian have also blown their loads.



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