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LucasRaunch: Bareback Fucking And Water Sports (Michael Lucas & Jimmie Slater) (Barebacks)


Data Released: May 29, 2015

After hours on the Lucas Entertainment set Jimmie Slater hung around the studio where he and Michael Lucas decided to film an impromptu water sports scene. Jimmie took Michael’s piss before giving up his ass and taking all of Michael 10 uncut inches!


BoundGods: Brotherly Love (Wolf Hudson & Brendan Patrick)


Data Released: May 21, 2015

Wolf Hudson can’t stand his new stepbrother Brendan Patrick, he keeps badgering Wolf to let let him tag along with his buddies, but Wolf spurns him repeatedly. Dejected and horny, Brendan looks through Wolf’s underwear drawer, discovering a stash of kinky toys and rope. Wolf walks in on Brendan’s snooping and captures his stepbrother in a rage. Brendan has his hands bound behind his back and gets the taste of Wolf’s zapper, flogger and hard cock. Wolf then takes Brendan out to the living room, suspending him horizontally from the staircase. There, Wolf fucks his stepbrother’s face and edges him before tormenting the annoying pervert with a zipper of clothespins. …

RawAndRough – Shay Michaels & Aarin Asker

Shay Michaels & Aarin Asker at RawAndRough


Data Released: May 2, 2015

Aarin’s Initiation, Part 2: Shay Michaels, Aarin Asker

It’s part 2 of Aarin’s Initiation and it just keeps getting hotter. Aarin takes some piss up his ass from Shay. He holds it in until Shay tells him to squirt it out. After a good fucking, it’s fisting time. Aarin’s hairy hole takes Shay’s big fist up to the wrist. Shay works on that boy hole while some piss still drips out from the piss enema Aarin took earlier. Aarin wants to cum with Shay’s fist in his ass, so he asks permission. Permission granted, Aarin lets go of a huge blast of cum. Shay wants to get his nut too. He fucks Aarin’s stretched out hole ’til he blows his wad all over Aarin’s boy butt.


FetishForce – Christopher Daniels & Boomer Banks

Christopher Daniels & Boomer Banks at FetishForce


Data Released: Apr 30, 2015

Warehouse Kinks: Christopher Daniels, Boomer Banks

Christopher Daniels and Boomer Banks sit on adjacent industrial spools, each wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans, each licking his lips and massaging a growing cock. Boomer stands and moves one step closer to Christopher, who also moves a step closer, kneeling to nuzzle Boomer’s crotch. Christopher unzips Boomer’s jeans, taking a deep whiff of his bush before lowering the jeans and swallowing his cock. He sucks till he chokes and gasps, his oral capacity increasing as Boomer’s cock slowly engorges to its massive max. …

BoundGods – Trenton Ducati & Hugh Hunter

Trenton Ducati & Hugh Hunter at Bound Gods


Data Released: Apr 16, 2015

Muscled leather hunk at the mercy of Mr. Ducati.

Vertically strapped to a grid of chains, a blindfolded and muzzled Hugh Hunter awaits his leather master, Trenton Ducati. Trenton finally emerges from the shadows with a flogger draped over his ripped body. Trenton bites down on Hugh’s submissive ass and reminds Hugh, “You’re my property today.” Trenton starts flogging Hugh’s ass and torso. The relentless flogging gives Hugh a hard-on, so Trenton pulls out Hugh’s cock and has it taste a twirling flogger on its throbbing head. Promising a surprise for his plaything, Trenton pulls out a violet wand and edges Hugh while the wand sparks over Hugh’s balls, chest and tongue. Hugh finds himself in a rope harness with his hands tied behind his back. …

BoyNapped – Mickey Taylor & Ross Drake

Mickey Taylor & Ross Drake at Boy Napped


Data Released: Mar 18, 2015

Mickey Owns That Hot Arse!

Mickey is one lucky boy. The inked twink has arrived to find Ross all roped up in a stress position, the ropes tight around his body and holding him in place, bent over and vulnerable. Mickey starts work on that cock and arse, eating him out and prepping him for his dick. Sliding in he starts nice and slow, but soon he’s fucking Ross hard enough to make the ropes shift and tighten! When he can’t take that hole any more he feeds his slave his raging stiffy and fires his cum out in the exhausted boys face!


BoyNapped – Ashton Bradley & Edwin Sykes

Ashton Bradley & Edwin Sykes at Boy Napped


Data Released: Mar 13, 2015

Bad Boy Ashton Plays Rough.

Edwin has been completely secured and subdued, blindfolded and gagged with rope, tied into the swing with his legs up and parted. His meaty uncut cock is too tempting for Ashton, who soon gets started on it. Ball tugging, cock slapping, helmet biting… Edwin can’t stand it but his cock still throbs and leaks precum! His arse is right there for the taking, and Ashton knows how to use it, slamming his boy pussy with hard thrusts until his cock is dumping out a thick hot wad all over the boys sore dick.


Str8Hell – Marek Borek & Matej Borzik, RAW

Marek Borek & Matej Borzik at Str8 Hell


Data Released: Mar 13, 2015

Marek and Matej RAW – DUTY BOUND

Matej Borzik is shackled in the dungeon as his master, Marek Borek enters the room. He places a gag into the naked Matej’s mouth and then releases him from the shackles. He pulls Maten onto the floor, between his legs and immediately removes the gag. Marek rubs Matej’s face over his solidly hard cock. Pulling it out of his underwear he then pushes Matejs mouth down on that cock. Matej’s hot mouth bobs on the beautiful curve, and rock hard dick. He sucks it so well as Marek guides his head. Matej licks the balls and up and down the shaft too, as he continues his sucking. Then he is moved to a table and laid on it, with his wrists and head in the stocks. …

FetishForce – Tony Buff & Chase Young

Tony Buff & Chase Young at Fetish Force


Data Released: Mar 5, 2015

Warehouse Kinks: Tony Buff, Chase Young

Twink-ish Chase Young knows he’s the perfect package: full lips, a hint of 5 o’clock shadow to offset the boyish looks, a smooth, slender body and a pert ass. Tony Buff takes it all in as he ties Chase’s arms behind him, then lashes his wrists to his ankles. Chase kneels and he’s ready to service his master. Tony’s cock appears too long and too fat for Chase to swallow, but suction and determination overcome the odds and Tony’s cock disappears entirely in Chase’s pie hole. Chase does it again and again, until his eyes water and thick strings of saliva hang from his lips and from Tony’s cock. …

BoundGods – Christian Wilde & Scott Harbor

Christian Wilde & Scott Harbor at Bound Gods


Data Released: Mar 5, 2015

Mr Wilde Breaks In The New Boy Of The House: Christian Wilde, Scott Harbor

Dom of the house Christian Wilde paces back and forth inspecting the new boy of the house, Scott Harbor. Scott pleads that he wants to service his master’s cock and even offers his ass for all of Mr Wilde’s pleasures. But there’s only one thing on Mr Wilde’s mind, the desire to hear Scott’s screams as he beats the fuck out of him. Scott’s slave training begins as he’s beaten down with the crop while ordered to strip naked. …


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