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CorbinFisher – Clay Fucks Colt & Leah, Bareback

Clay, Colt & Leah at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Mar 28, 2015

When this insatiably horny trio gets together, they can’t keep their hands, mouths, and cocks off each other! Clay sucks on Colt’s big dick while Leah sucks on his before joining Clay to pleasure Colt while the muscled athlete lays back and takes in the attention. Soon Colt is ready to take in more than just attention though as he sucks on Clays cock with a lusty gusto that claims it for his own. Though he’s willing to share, pretty soon Colt wants Clay for his own- and he gets him! Colt shows how much of a power bottom he can be, seizing control of his own anal and working a load out of himself and Clay!


CorbinFisher – Marc & Brant’s Bi Tag Team, Bareback

Marc, Brant & Jamie at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Mar 14, 2015

This week’s bi-tag is HOT! From beginning to end there is non-stop action and everyone is completely uninhibited. There is so much skin-to-skin contact that it’s nearly impossible to keep focus. Both Marc and Brant have something to offer individually- and together they are completely captivating and boner inspiring! Where Marc is tattooed, thick dicked and exotic, Brant is the tall long-cocked boy next door. When it comes to physique though, they both boast hot tight, ripped bodies! Brant and Marc suck on the other’s meaty dick with total enthusiasm and the expression on Marcs face as he slides in and out of Brant’s tight hole is priceless! The amount of thick cum that comes shooting out of the sexy studs alone makes this a must watch!


CorbinFisher – Jacob Fucks Noel Bi Tag Jamie, Bareback

Jacob, Noel & Jamie at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Feb 28, 2015

For another hot installment of our newly reintroduced bi-tags we bring in Noel and Jacob to have their way with Jamie- and each other! Right away it starts with a visual feast of Noel’s big cock. The dark eyed and haired stud clearly is enjoying himself as he takes the soft and romantic approach with our pretty coed. Yet when Jacob walks in the room, the fun truly begins as the heat is turned up and the focus becomes the two big hard and tasty dicks in the room. Jacob sucks Noel’s cock as he takes his turn fucking Jamie. When he’s done with her he takes Noel’s ass for a ride thrusting and getting lost in the pleasure of his tight hole. Noel is in heaven experiencing fucking and being fucked and when it all becomes to much, he lays back and lets Jacob work out a thick load out of him then double up on hot jizz as Jacob’s load shoots out in a loud orgasm!


CorbinFisher – Ryder & Christian’s Bi 3 Way, Bareback

Ryder, Christian & Jamie at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Feb 14, 2015

Last week, one of Ryder’s fantasies came true when, after getting himself worked up watching Jamie in some three-way action, she arrived to finish him off. Well we decided that the fantasy wasn’t yet exactly complete. This week, not only does he get Jamie, but he also gets to fuck Christian! Ryder absolutely shines when he’s in control and takes full advantage of getting two hot partners to dominate. Switching between both partners, he finally gets the full extent of his fantasy- tearing both into Jamie and Christian’s ass! As Ryder goes harder and deeper Christian trembles as he cums then offers his mouth for Ryder to unload in!


Bimaxx – Busted Love Is The Best Kind!, Bareback

Busted Love Is The Best Kind! at Bimaxx


Data Released: Feb 11, 2015

When two sexy dudes are busted making out by one of their girlfriends you know we’ve got a perfect setup for some bisexual MMF action, and Bimaxx is on the scene! This curvy chick only gets off at the site of two dudes getting it on, and she wants to throw her curvy body in the mix so that they all get off hard, with a dick in her pussy and one guy taking it hard up the ass! These bi lovers aren’t stopping until there’s some jizz on that girl tongue and all over one of the guys’ face! Hot ass busted bi action!


CorbinFisher – Miles Fucks Rowan & Leah, Bareback

Miles, Rowan & Leah at Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Jan 31, 2015

There’s a lot of envy for the trio in this hot bi-tag. They’re all incredibly hot and when it’s time to get into some action, everyone gets a chance to fill or be filled. If there were any clothes worn at one point it almost immediately disappears- leaving the room filed with just sexy, naked flesh! Rowan, looking as fit and fuckable as ever, gets to show off his stud moves for a bit when he fucks Leah, but it’s pretty obvious that what he’s really excited for is to get some of Miles’s big dick up his ass! After watching how hot Rowan looks fucking Leah, abs flexing muscles bulging, Miles jumps in and she is all but forgotten as the guys lock eyes while Miles slides in deeper and deeper into Rowan’s tight hole. With an ass full of cock, Rowan spurts out a hot load, sending Miles over the edge. He pulls out and shoots out a ton of cum that rains all over Rowan!


Bimaxx – Make It An MMF Massage

Make It An MMF Massage at Bimaxx


Data Released: Jan 20, 2015

When a muscle stud of a masseuse gets a hunky male client it doesn’t take long for the massage session to go “full service”, with that hard dick getting nice and hand-jobbed! However, when his intimidating beauty of a girlfriend Yenna sees what’s going on with her all-black badass looking self they initially think they’re busted, but Yenna’s cool if she can get in on the action and turn this into a pussy and ass MMF style massage! These three hotties take this session to the next level, pounding away on their holes and living it up bi style!


BiLatinMen – Bi 3 Way, Bareback

Bi 3 Way at Bi Latin Men


Data Released: Jan 15, 2015


CorbinFisher – Kennedy & Noel’s Bi 3 Way, Bareback

Kennedy, Noel, Jamie: Corbin Fisher


Data Released: Jan 17, 2015

2 hot guys, 1 sexy girl and all turned on and wanting to get into some action! This trio shows that when all options are available, the pleasure and fun only intensifies. They all take turns on the two hard dicks in the room, bringing each other to the brink. Getting his dicked sucked by two hot partners, its all Kennedy can do to not unload in someone’s mouth, but he holds off to first get his fill of both Jamie and Noel. …

CorbinFisher – Quinn & Tiffany Service Miles, Bareback


Data Released: Jan 3, 2015

In the great debate of who gives better blowjobs, Quinn puts his dick sucking abilities up with anyone. Around campus he` known for his proficiency in getting the biggest loads out of the hottest men. So we decided to put his skills to the test against our coed Tiffany, who`s always up for some naughty fun and competition. In deciding who should be our lucky judge, we went with our new and oh-so- sexy freshman, Miles. Expecting just some one on one fun with Tiffany, little did Miles know he`d get two cock masters at his disposal. …


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