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CorbinFisher: Fletcher and Baker Fool Around (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Fletcher and Baker Fool Around

Data Released: Jan 10, 2018 (CorbinFisher: Fletcher and Baker Fool Around)

Baker, in the long Corbin Fisher tradition of our veterans showing newbies the ropes, is here to help Fletcher realize his full potential. Being the generous soul that he is, Baker’s going to share not only our hot co-ed with Fletcher, but will offer up his own hot jock ass for Fletcher’s pleasure! Fletcher is eager to prove himself and to show off for Baker, so these two studs take turns demonstrating how well they can fuck with her, before Fletcher slides into Baker and plows him. Baker evidently likes being a mentor, as he completely covers himself in cum while Fletcher is fucking him! Both of our guys end this scene sticky and satisfied, which is just how we like it!


HotBoys: Junior Rodrigues, Kaue, Ricardo Pirocao, Bianca Naldy (Especial De Natal 2017, Parte 2) (Bareback)

HotBoys: Junior Rodrigues, Kaue, Ricardo Pirocao, Bianca Naldy: Especial De Natal 2017

Data Released: Dec 27, 2017 (HotBoys: Junior Rodrigues, Kaue, Ricardo Pirocao, Bianca Naldy: Especial De Natal 2017, Parte 2)

HO HO HO! We arrive at the final part of our special Christmas scene and we guarantee that it will be very dirty (with a lot of controversy)!   We discovered in the first part that the gossip that is going on in Santa’s toy factory is about the new Mama Claus. Rumors say that she is very hot and that she likes a good slut. Just like us here from HOTBOYS. Our Santa Claus (Ricardo Pirocao) is going to introduce his new Mama Noel (Bianca Naldy) to his two helpers, whom you have already seen in the first scene, the cats: Junior Rodrigues and Kaue. And they will take the opportunity to get to know her very well and will win a great gift from the good old man: a very sexy bisexual slut. To fully check out the first bisexual scene in HOTBOYS history, SIGN UP NOW! If you are already a subscriber, look closely and tell us in the comments what you think of this breathtaking scene. (All the toys used to make the scene of this scene were donated to a children’s charity in Rio de Janeiro).

CorbinFisher: Breaking In Beckett (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Breaking In Beckett

Data Released: Dec 27, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Breaking In Beckett)

It’s Dave’s lucky day! Tall, lean stud Beckett is back to pound his ass and our coed’s tight hole, and Dave is hard as a rock watching the two of them go at it as he waits for his turn. After fucking her, Dave goes down on Beckett with her to get him ready to fuck willing ass. Beckett is eager to put on a show and really goes to town on Dave, ploughing him roughly. They switch things up so that Dave can fuck her while he sucks Beckett’s cock, before being bent over the couch and getting fucked again while she sucks him off at the same time! Dave loves all of the attention and blasts his load all over her face, before getting on his knees and taking Beckett’s load on his own face and mouth, before sucking him clean!


BiEmpire: Naomi Bennet, Tomm, Andy West (Bi Stepdad, Scene #02)

BiEmpire: Naomi Bennet, Tomm, Andy West: Bi Stepdad

Data Released: Dec 7, 2017 (BiEmpire: Naomi Bennet, Tomm, Andy West: Bi Stepdad)


BiEmpire: Ashley Woods, Tomm, Andy West (Medical Care)

BiEmpire: Ashley Woods, Tomm, Andy West

Data Released: Nov 16, 2017 (BiEmpire: Ashley Woods, Tomm, Andy West: Medical Care)

Things get heated at the hospital when Dr. Tom makes sure that Ashley Woods is being taken care of extremely well. He licks her pussy and shows her boyfriend Andy West how to take care of a woman. Letting him join in on the lesson! Giving them both the best dick they could imagine!


BiEmpire: Alexis Crystal, Suares, Peter A (Extra Steamy)

BiEmpire: Alexis Crystal, Suares, Peter A

Data Released: Nov 9, 2017 (BiEmpire: Alexis Crystal, Suares, Peter A: Extra Steamy)

Alexis Crystal wants to get extra freaky with her boyfriend, so she asks him where his stepbrother is. Things are about to get extra hot and steamy when they engage in a bi threesome. Getting heated over having the best of both worlds. Alexis is blown away when she gets to enjoy double the dick! While the boys can’t get enough of having the pussy and cock all in one shot!


CorbinFisher: Warren Feeds Barron (Bareback)

CorbinFisher: Warren Feeds Barron

Data Released: Nov 17, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Warren Feeds Barron)

“Oh, fuck, you’re big!” Barron whines as Warren slides into him. They’ve both just taken their turns with our co-ed and now it’s time for Barron’s ass to be the focus of Warren’s attention. Warren doesn’t hold back and Barron takes it like a champ, before they change positions so that Barron can fuck her while Warren fucks him. After blowing his own load, Barron sinks right to his knees to take Warren’s cum in his mouth, and everyone is left spent and sweaty at the end.


HotGuysFuck: Gio Lockwood, Collin Simpson, Elena Gilbert (Bisexual MMF Threesome)

HotGuysFuck: Gio Lockwood, Collin Simpson, Elena Gilbert

Data Released: Nov 10, 2017 (HotGuysFuck: Gio Lockwood, Collin Simpson, Elena Gilbert: Bisexual MMF Threesome)

When you have @PrestinPresley personally texting you telling you how hot this scene is, you know you have gold! A few things @PrestinPresley had to say to me via text. “Damn Son, but that 3some scene you just put up is pretty hot”,”Chemistry was good, interaction was good.” He followed by saying,” It didn’t looked forced, good segways, definitely good shit!” He believes there’s a huge market for bi-sexual content and has experienced girls himself asking him to hook up with a guy while they all fucked. He even asked if we have this on DVD… needless to say, this scene could possibly be the best on our site? Let us know by commenting below.


CorbinFisher: Galen and Rocky’s Bi Three Way (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 20, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Galen & Rocky’s Bi Three Way)

Galen and Rocky were eager to put on a show for our co-ed, rubbing their cocks together as she watched. Rocky practically had to fight for a chance to suck his cock Galen’s cock, as he gave him the all-start oral treatment before he and his blond buddy filled up both of our co-ed’s holes together! The two guys couldn’t keep their hands – and mouths – off of each other, and it was only a matter of time before Rocky ended up bent over in front of Galen, letting the blond stud fuck him hard while he got his cock sucked. Seeing Rocky’s handsome face covered in Rocky’s jizz was definitely one of the highlights of my week!

CorbinFisher: Warren’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Warren’s Bi Fuck)

While Baker normally plays up his shy side, he jumped right into the action with Warren and our co-ed. My favorite thing about Baker is how eager he is to please – that makes him an excellent complement to Warren, who has more than enough horny energy to keep up with him! It’s definitely a pleasure to see boy-next-door Baker paired with Warren’s cut muscles and hot cock. …


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