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BoysOnTheProwl – Aiden Jason, Adam Watson, Deacon Hunter


Data Released: Aug 18, 2014

Snatched And Stuffed With Cock: Aiden Jason, Adam Watson, Deacon Hunter

Aiden kind of know what he’s in for when Adam and Deacon snatch him from the street, and when the boys are sharing his mouth and arse he’s not exactly reluctant about it. It might be blackmail, but this boy loves the taste of a stiff uncut cock and the feeling of having his hole used by the boys. He ends up covered in cum by the time the boys are finished with him, and then gets dumped at the side of the road like trash too!


FrenchDudes – Mikapaf & Jess Royan


Data Released: Aug 14, 2014

First Sneaker Session For Jess: Mikapaf, Jess Royan.

We’re changing things up for Jess Royan in this video. If you’ve watched Jess in his other videos, then you know he is generally the more “dominant top” kind of guy. He’s never filmed anything involving the “sneaker fetish” before. We’ve paired him up with none other than Mikapaf for his first time worshipping the Nikes. Right from the start, Mikapaf asserts himself as the dominant one spitting in Jess’ face, man handling him to the floor to give his Nike’s a tongue bath. With both men having a raging hardon, we’re surely in for a great scene. …

DebtDandy 48, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 15, 2014

What I saw today was just horrible. When the guy opened the door I was amazed. Amazed until I walked into his apartment. It was just a dirty and filthy shit hole. Mess all around the place, cigarettes and empty alcohol bottles. I almost lost my sex appetite. But his cute, innocent face made me to forget all the mess. We summed up his once again stupid debts and then I started to convince him to agree with my special offer. The fact that he really needed the money helped me as always. But as you all know, I am a very neat person and I hate mess. So I had to punish him at least a bit for his dirty habits. Sucking was just perfect. His tongue was so soft that I almost melted. Could hardly wait to have my dick in his ass.


CzechHunter 154, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 13, 2014

I did’t sleep well. Night mares were killing me. Woke up pissed so I’ve decided to reward myself with some new clothes. For that I had to go to the city centre, so I took my cam just in case that the urge will come and I will be in the mood to pop some virgin ass. And I was right, while waiting for a tram, I’ve met a nice, cute and young dude. Not shy and willing to talk about sex right from the beginning. But as soon as we got to a spa he started to be very reluctant to what I wanted from him. It cost me lot of nerves and convincing just to get a blow-job. But the nice place and some extra refreshments made it a bit easier for me to put my dick in his mouth. Oh gosh, I can’t wait to fuck him and get rid of all my nightmares. I will sleep like a baby boy tonight.


FrenchDudes – Thierry Master & Richy Dime


Data Released: Aug 11, 2014

A Soccer Boy’s Tight Ass: Thierry Master, Richy Dime

Thierry Master and Richy Dime are getting in some soccer practice at an old abandoned building. After kicking the ball back and forth a bit, Thierry makes a comment about the way Dime plays, “You play like a gay guy.” Richy says “So? Let me show you how good I play with different kind of balls.” Dropping to his knees as Thierry drops his sweats. There’s a nice cock and set of balls for you to play with Richy. …

FrenchDudes – Julien Welman & Abel Faiyss


Data Released: Aug 7, 2014

Julien Welman And Faiyss Abel At Sun City Sauna.

This is the first time the Sun City of Lyon has accepted a production filming a scene in the hotel. Initially, I wanted to make a short documentary about this wonderful sauna. Nice decor, friendly atmosphere and tons of cute guys from Lyon … I paced the corridors when I see in a cabin Julien Wellman and his buddy Abel Faiyss fucking! I hid and I filmed without their knowledge.


DebtDandy 47, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 8, 2014

I had very special mood today. Couldn’t decide which young man to visit for my “ money advisor “ project. Because even if they sound nice on the phone they can still look horrible upon arrival. Today my „client’s“ apartment seemed surprisingly tidy and nice. I didn’t expect that at all. So did my „client“ himself. But as always stupid debts and no will to make more money working in a regular job. So ok my little friend I am gonna help you but it will cost you a lot. I made him clean my shoes and then sniff them. This was a real turn on for me. As well as his hairy asshole was something I really wanted to taste. His nice, athletic body together with the face was a killer sexy combo. I popped his ass as it would be my last day on earth.


CzechHunter 153, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 7, 2014

Horrible weather and rain. On a day like this there isn’t much to do. Boredom usually makes me horny like a bull. I took my cam but the streets have been empty. I approached the first dude I’ve met, he was willing to show me his cock in a phone booth but that was just all the fun I’ve had with him. I was about to head back home, when I’ve spotted a young and cute dude sitting in front of the small pub under an umbrella. I started to talk to him, he was so gorgeous that I was willing to offer him almost every amount that was needed to add him to my „collection“, to get a chance to pop his young tight and virgin ass. I’ve talked him into a jerking me off. We went to a toilet and as soon as he touched my cock and smiled at me I knew that I have to have him.


FrenchDudes – Jess Royan & Floboy


Data Released: Aug 4, 2014

Hooded In The Woods: Jess Royan, Floboy

The scene starts out with Floboy giving our masked man (Jess Royan) a blowjob in a car on the side of the road. With no room to fuck in the small car, they make their way into the woods where Jess dominates Floboy and his ass. Or should we say Jess’ cock better known as the “dominator.” Floboy first works Jess’ cock back to full measure in the woods. Personally, I can’t take my eyes off of Jess big ass balls. Jess keeps a watchful eye while Floboy continues working on the dominator. Then Jess slips on a condom and Floboy grabs onto some tree’s to brace himself. …

DebtDandy 46, Bareback


Data Released: Aug 1, 2014

On this glorious afternoon, I’ve received a call from a young man. He sounded very stressed out and in a hurry to solve his financial situation. Well I’ve decided to help him sort his troubles out and fulfill my own sexual urge. He lived in an old building, in a small and very dirty flat together with his girlfriend. While he was telling me all about his debts I was just amazed how spoilt, stupid and naive this dude is. …


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