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MEN (Str8 to Gay): Straight Secrets, Part 2 (Jacob Peterson, Jaxton Wheeler)


Data Released: Sep 18, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Straight Secrets, Part 2: Jacob Peterson, Jaxton Wheeler)

Jaxton Wheeler helps ease Jacob Peterson into exploring his fantasies beyond the straight world.


Bromo: Cum Deposit (Eric, Ricky) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 18, 2017 (Bromo: Cum Deposit: Eric, Ricky)


SeanCody: Lachlan


Data Released: Sep 18, 2017 (SeanCody: Lachlan)

Lachlan is an East Coast bisexual hunk, with a nice dick and great ass! He’s a top, so he loves to fuck big bubble butts, and to top it all off, one of his fantasies is to get plowed! He’s a nature lover, and has a dream to “live off the land”. He learned from a young age what to eat in the wilderness, what to avoid and, basically, how to survive…among other things, of course! “If we did get lost in the woods, I would definitely be the best person to get lost with because I am a lot of fun, and there would be a lot of sex.”


DylanLucas: House Party (Max Sargent, Addison Blue)


Data Released: Sep 18, 2017 (DylanLucas: House Party: Max Sargent, Addison Blue)

Addison is throwing a house party at his Stepdads pad and he’s calling up all his friends to invite them over for a night of drinking and adventures. What Addison doesn’t know is that Max is standing in the doorway listening to his conversation and on his last phone call he tells Addison the only party he is having is the one that’s coming out of his pants and if he wants him to leave he’s going to have to give him some amazing head. …

CorbinFisher: Kyler


Data Released: Sep 18, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Kyler)

When asked about the chance to show off for us, Kyler’s smirk said it all. He definitely has a certain swagger to him – and why wouldn’t he? He’s got an amazing face, tight abs, and a big cock, and is a total natural in front of the camera. He lifts weights, loves to swim, and, of course, was a former high school wrestler. We can’t wait to see him grapple with some of our veterans, because, after all, everyone’s always a winner, when it comes to wrestling here at CF!


BrokeStraightBoys: Justin’s Ass Filled By Cage’s Dick RAW (Cage Kafig, Justin Dean)


Data Released: Sep 17, 2017 (BrokeStraightBoys: Justin’s Ass Filled By Cage’s Dick RAW: Cage Kafig, Justin Dean)

When Cage Kafig and Justin Dean pair up, they don’t spend too much time with small talk, preferring to get right to it as they lean in and start kissing. A little make out time and these guys are undressed with Justin’s mouth wrapped around Cage’s long shaft, sucking that sweet cock until Justin offers up his ass to Cage’s big dick! Cage enters Justin, bareback and hard as fuck as he pounds him and makes Justin moan with each deep thrust. …

BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #49 (Bareback)


Data Released: September, 2017 (BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #49)


BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #48 (Bareback)


Data Released: September, 2017 (BelAmiOnline (Fresh Men): Issue #48)


MEN (Drill My Hole): Boys Trip, Part 3 (Diego Sans, Jake Porter)


Data Released: Sep 17, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Boys Trip, Part 3: Diego Sans, Jake Porter)

Diego Sans finds himself in another steamy situation with Jake Porter. He eats that ass after getting his cock hard and wet from Jake’s hungry mouth then spreads those cheeks and plunges into Jake’s hole.


Staxus: Offside Trap (Casey Flip, Milan Sharp) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 17, 2017 (Staxus: Offside Trap: Casey Flip, Milan Sharp)

As you can see from this trailer, Milan is easily convinced, but then so would you be if you had this sexy young footballer willing to share his solid young uncut dick with you! With both boys swapping their leaking cocks in some great mutual oral, Milan takes it all the way and scores a goal by slipping his tight pucker down on that rampant naked length, riding his younger player and jacking himself off as the pleasure flows through him.



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