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MEN (Str8 to Gay): Desperate Househusband, Part 3: A Gay XXX Parody (Cliff Jensen, Tobias)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2017 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Desperate Househusband, Part 3: A Gay XXX Parody: Cliff Jensen, Tobias)

Cliff gets a surprise a.m. visit from an eager cock hungry Tobias. He goes all the way down getting it ready and wet enough to drill his hole. Unfortunately for Cliff, the maid catches him in full action! His wife definitely won’t be happy about this.


MEN (Drill My Hole): The Guys Next Door, Part 3 (Ryan Bones, Samuel Stone)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): The Guys Next Door, Part 3: Ryan Bones, Samuel Stone)

Samuel’s girlfriend is on her way out for the day and he can’t wait to get his ass pumped full of Ryan’s man meat.


CorbinFisher: Thomas Takes Quinn’s Load (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Thomas Takes Quinn’s Load)

Quinn’s versatility to any role and position has helped him stand out as a performer and earned him a pretty large and loyal fan base here at CF. Although Thomas is still pretty green to guy-on-guy sex, he’s quickly proving himself a capable versatile lover. One thing both these men share is a fascination and passion for pleasure – in every way it comes! They’re also really fun to look at. …

CorbinFisher: Warren’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Warren’s Bi Fuck)

While Baker normally plays up his shy side, he jumped right into the action with Warren and our co-ed. My favorite thing about Baker is how eager he is to please – that makes him an excellent complement to Warren, who has more than enough horny energy to keep up with him! It’s definitely a pleasure to see boy-next-door Baker paired with Warren’s cut muscles and hot cock. …

NextDoorRaw: Where’s The Deposit (Mark Long, Damien Kyle) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2017 (NextDoorRaw: Where’s The Deposit: Mark Long, Damien Kyle)

When Mark Long hears what Damien Kyle is asking up front to move in, he realizes he’s way out of his range. As he gets up to leave, Damien notices the bulge in Mark’s pants and asks him if he’s ok. Mark is embarrassed, and tells Damien he doesn’t know why his dick is hard. Damien, sees an opportunity and tells Mark as long as he’s open minded, there may be another way for him to make his deposit. …

LucasEntertainment: Dylan James And Drae Axtell Double Team Lee Santino (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (LucasEntertainment: Dylan James And Drae Axtell Double Team Lee Santino)

Lee Santino is doing exactly what you should never do while at work: watch porn at his desk. His colleagues Dylan James and Drae Axtell catch him – but hey, if Lee is horny at the office and if no one else is around, why not answer his needs? Rules and norms be damned: Dylan James and Drae Axtell both take turns on Lee Santino’s mouth and ass.

MenAtPlay: Deal Breaker (Andy Star, Nick North)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (MenAtPlay: Deal Breaker – Andy Star, Nick North))


RawAndRough: Double Dick Me (Gabriel D’Alessandro, Theo Styles, Shay Michaels, Hans Berlin) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (RawAndRough: Double Dick Me: Gabriel D’Alessandro, Theo Styles, Shay Michaels, Hans Berlin)

Gabriel has just finished loading up Theo’s ass. He asks his buddies Shay and Hans if they want to load Theo’s hole too. Little does Gabriel know that the guys are going to fuck him too. Shay and Hans take turns fucking Gabriel and Theo, switching back and forth til Gabriel busts his nut. Hans and Shay are still horny as fuck, so they decide to double dick Theo’s little fuck hole. The guys stretch that hole out, ramming both of their cocks into Theo. Hans pulls out and shoots his load all over Shay’s cock while it is still inside Theo. Shay orders Theo to get into doggy position, then fucks Theo’s cum filled ass until he shoots a load in Theo too.


RagingStallion: It’s Coming (Jason Vario, Lorenzo Flexx)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2017 (RagingStallion: It’s Coming: Jason Vario, Lorenzo Flexx)

Jason Vario and Lorenzo Flexx got away from their buddies, Jack and Damien. Without wasting a minute of time, Lorenzo gets down to business and opens his hole for Jason to slip inside. It’s a big cock and Lorenzo isn’t used to something that large inside his ass. There’s lots of grunting as Jason picks up the pace and pounds Lorenzo’s ass faster and harder with every thrust of his massive dick. Lorenzo likes to get fucked on his back and Jason will do anything to please his friend and get his dick wet at the same time. …

PhoeniXXX: Fucking Out Loads At Work (Riley Tess, Jonny Parker)


Data Released: Sep 10, 2017 (PhoeniXXX: Fucking Out Loads At Work: Riley Tess, Jonny Parker)

You can understand why these guys would be fucking at work, it’s a wonder Jonny and Riley can get anything done at all with those big juicy cocks needing attention all the time! The guys meet in the shelves and withing moments they’re making out, swapping their big cocks and getting ready for a hard and frantic fuck that sees hairy Riley bouncing on that shaft and splashing his cream out in ecstasy. With his bottom buddy satisfied Jonny pulls out and proceeds to drench Riley’s back with semen in fountain of an ejaculation! It’s no wonder they need to get off with so much jizz in their balls!



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