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MEN (Drill My Hole): Drill The Sergeant (Aspen, Damien Kyle, Tanner Tatum)


Data Released: Apr 8, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Drill The Sergeant: Aspen, Damien Kyle, Tanner Tatum)

Damien Kyle and Tanner Tatum have their mouths stuffed by Drill Sergeant Aspen’s hot cock. They follow Aspen’s orders, from eating ass to sucking cock and taking his hot hard rod up their tight holes. Aspen ferociously pounds away, putting these privates in their place. This may be punishment, but it’s exactly what they wanted.


MEN (Drill My Hole): Textual Relations, Part 3 (Jackson Grant, Noah Jones, Will Braun)


Data Released: Apr 6, 2017 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Textual Relations, Part 3: Jackson Grant, Noah Jones, Will Braun)

Will Braun and Noah Jones need to gain more proof to bust Jackson Grant. Their plan to get a full-body picture involves some sucking, some fucking, and loads of hot cum. Jackson gets Noah to fill his hole as he swallows Will’s cock just before Will mounts Noah. The three men share the pleasure before they blow their loads.


SeanCody: Brysen, Porter: Bareback


Data Released: Apr 8, 2017 (SeanCody: Brysen, Porter: Bareback)

Porter reminded Brysen of a guy he used to hook up with, so it almost felt like familiar territory to him. “I’m excited to get in there, for sure!” Brysen’s face lit up. His nostalgia and Porter’s hunger for cock meshed well when they started going at it, so as a result, Brysen gave Porter a pounding he won’t soon forget.


SeanCody: Blake, Manny: Bareback


Data Released: Apr 6, 2017 (SeanCody: Blake, Manny: Bareback)

Blake revealed that he has a bit of a crush on Manny, and requested to be paired up with him. Well, he got what he wanted! Manny was more than happy to satisfy his wishes…in more ways than one. “I’m excited to fuck him! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to just top.” Blake shows his topping skills, while Manny continues to shows us he can take anybody on.


CorbinFisher: Daniel Takes It From Henry (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 8, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Daniel Takes It From Henry)

Henry has been loving getting his hole pounded here at CF just as much as he’s enjoyed barreling his fat cock into all the tight little holes that have been offered to him.


CorbinFisher: Bradley Gets Dicked (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 7, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Bradley Gets Dicked)

Knowing Tom has the ability, and quite likes, to fuck deep and hard, it was a must we pair him up with Bradley. Bradley has come to truly enjoy getting fucked since arriving at CF, and is incredibly hot to watch while getting fucked – his expressions and noises are priceless!


CorbinFisher: Calan and Jacob’s Gym Fuck (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 6, 2017 (CorbinFisher: Calan and Jacob’s Gym Fuck)

Want help with your lift? Let Calan know! Calan let Jacob take care of swelling and pumping his arms, chest, and legs – but then he takes care of Jacob’s cock himself!


LucasEntertainment: Ass-Fucking Alpha Males (Klim Gromov and Ricky Verez Bottom for James Castle and Andrey Vic) (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 7, 2017 (LucasEntertainment: Ass-Fucking Alpha Males: Klim Gromov and Ricky Verez Bottom for James Castle and Andrey Vic)

Blue-eyed Russian twink Klim Gromov and sexy Latin twink Ricky Verez are two wild bottoms who need a firm hand to keep them in line and teach them how to be good receptacles for raw cock and cum. James Castle and Andrey Vic both have the skill and patience to show Klim and Ricky how to properly service the rock-hard cocks of no-bullshit alpha males. …

LucasRaunch: Devin Franco And Lee Santino Open Their Asses With Dildos (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 6, 2017 (LucasRaunch: Devin Franco And Lee Santino Open Their Asses With Dildos)

In this excerpt from Devin Franco and Lee Santino’s upcoming bareback sex scene from “Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work,” we see these two young guys loosening up each other’s asses with dildos intermingled with them fucking each other bareback!


Spritzz: Wild DP Session With Young Dude (Florian Richter, Nico Lacosty, Adam Torres) (Bareback)


Data Released: Apr 6, 2017 (Spritzz: Wild DP Session With Young Dude: Florian Richter, Nico Lacosty, Adam Torres)

This inked, hunk fucker wakes up horny as hell, and when he can’t get his mate on the top twin bunk to give him some relief he heads out to cruise himself a new date. Picking up his anonymous online play buddy, he heads home to get his cock sucked how he needs. With all of the grunting with pleasure, though, his upstairs friend wakes up and decides he wants in on the action, and soon he’s taking both rigid dicks up his ass in a wild DP fuck frenzy. When one of the lads squirts his cum over the other fucker’s tool, he just uses it as lube to drive his humping deeper into the bare asshole.



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