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FuckerMate: Swinging In The Ass (Viktor Rom, Rogue Status) (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (FuckerMate: Swinging In The Ass: Viktor Rom, Rogue Status)

The sexy Canadian bottom Rogue Status is back with us this week to meet our best topmate Viktor Rom Visser. Since the first moment Rogue loves the juicy and thick Latin cock that Viktor has to give him and deepthroats it with hunger, begging to be fucked hard. But Viktor is not yet satisfied and first wants to rim and lick Rogue’s asshole to make it completely wet and lubricated. Now that hairy ass can be hammered like it deserves: Rogue enjoys the fuck so much that he cums twice before Viktor unleashes a huge load!


FalconStudios: Pitching Tents (Woody Fox, Seth Santoro)


Data Released: Jan 6, 2017 (FalconStudios: Pitching Tents: Woody Fox, Seth Santoro)

Muscle stud Woody Fox hits the outdoor showers at the campgrounds. Hidden beneath enormous redwoods, the area offers up some instant excitement when Woody spies Seth Santoro naked under the water. Slowly stripping down, Woody casts subtle glances towards Seth, and Seth looks over his shoulder to return eye contact. As Woody turns on the water in the next shower stall, he turns around to show off his swelling cock. …

ExtraBigDicks: I Don’t Know If I Can Handle It (Max Cameron, Trey Turner)


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (ExtraBigDicks: I Don’t Know If I Can Handle It: Max Cameron, Trey Turner)

Max and Trey have finished their workout and are about to enjoy a nice hot shower, when Trey notices that Max has a very nice scent coming from his arm pits. He buries his nose and tongue into Max’s ripe pits which is obviously turning him on when we see his huge cock protruding from underneath the towel wrapped around his waist. Max begins stroking it as they make out with each other. Trey tells Max that he really wants to fuck him, but Max says ‘I told you, I don’t know if I can handle it! …

DebtDandy 173 (Bareback)


Data Released: Jan 6, 2017 (DebtDandy 173)

I didn’t expect the after-Christmas-consumer-hangover to come this soon. The new year has just begun and I’m already getting calls from all kinds of irresponsible people who overestimated their financial capabilities. This young car wash operator had a few debts but he wanted a new phone. So he took another loan. It was Christmas after all. I sat down in his horrible apartment and he asked me for 37 000 Crowns. He was surprisingly eager to work his debts off. I doubt that returning the phone even crossed his mind. Good for me. I was hoping for a nice tight ass and a mouth with good suction. At least he will start the new year debt free. But I doubt things will remain that way for long. Too bad for him…


CollegeDudes: Damian Price, Toby Springs


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (CollegeDudes: Damian Price, Toby Springs)


CockyBoys: Alex Mecum, Tegan Zayne


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (CockyBoys: Alex Mecum, Tegan Zayne)

If there’s one thing Tegan Zayne enjoys it’s sucking cock. Which is perfect because Alex Mecum is all horned up and ready to be serviced! Tegan talks about how to give the perfect blowjob while demonstrating on Alex rock hard boner. Slowly teasing the balls and flicking his tongue around the base before taking the sensitive cock head in his mouth and swallowing the shaft down his throat. It’s not so much a blowjob as it is cock worship! He works Alex’s cock with his expert mouth until his buddy is breathless and begging to return the favor. …

CockSureMen: John Cruz Barebacks Adan Stefan


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (CockSureMen: John Cruz Barebacks Adan Stefan)

Let’s take a look at a hot Brazilian couple in the morning. Adan Stefan is making sure he looks good in a mirror when John Cruz walks in behind him. Adan wears a jock and John wears briefs. John comes up behind fondling and kissing Adan. The couple make out then head to the jacuzzi tub. John and Adan make out passionately in the tub then John rims Adan’s hole. …

ChaosMen: Amador, Daniel: RAW


Data Released: Jan 6, 2017 (ChaosMen: Amador, Daniel: RAW)

I have been trying to find Daniel a hot Latin or African America guys since they turn him on so much. But again, he is so passive that he usually closes his eyes, tilts his head, and gets lost in the feeling of getting fucked. He loves servicing Amador, but with so little eye contact, you might think he is just not in to it. Oh, he is! I do try to encourage him to make some noise and step out of his headspace, but he just loves the feeling of getting fucked. Daniel tends to not jerk-off much while getting fucked, often saying he is too close to cumming. …

CazzoClub: Hugh Hunter, Hans Berlin


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (CazzoClub: Hugh Hunter, Hans Berlin)

It doesn’t have to always be in Germany. On a roof somewhere in New York sucks the tattooed Hugh Hunter on the German piston of Hans Berlin. Glory boy Hans shoves his cock deep in the throat until the hairy pig has drool running from the mouth of his beard. Fearing that their animal moans will alert the neighbours, both retire eventually to Hans’s room. …

ButchDixon: Dillon Buck, Freddy Falcon


Data Released: Jan 5, 2017 (ButchDixon: Dillon Buck, Freddy Falcon)

Its pretty darn cold, but us Brits are made of sterner stuff so when it comes to an alfresco shoot, and the chance to strip off and show off outdoors these lads couldn’t wait. Freddy Falcon, Jaxson and Dillon Buck are up to no good in south London, and when Freddy makes ‘the drop’ Dillon makes sure he drops his trousers too. …


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