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MEN (Str8 to Gay): Take The Bait, Part 3 (Austin Carter, Topher Di Maggio)


Data Released: Dec 21, 2016 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): Take The Bait, Part 3: Austin Carter, Topher Di Maggio)

Topher DiMaggio and Austin Carter have something similar in mind-both want to slyly hook-up with each other and bring along a girl to help coax the other guy into sex. Both girls realize the guy’s plan and laugh as Topher and Austin get down to business.


WilliamHiggins: Xmas Wank Party 2016, Part 1 (RAW, WANK PARTY) [4K Ultra HD]


Data Released: Dec 21, 2016 (WilliamHiggins: Xmas Wank Party 2016, Part 1)

In our Christmas Wank Party for 2016 we have Rosta Benecky, Tomas Fuk, Kuba Nevel and Adam Rezal. In this first part we Tomas and Kuba sitting and relaxing as they are joined by Roast and Adam who are bearing presents. Tomas and Kuba unwrap the presents to find virtual reality headsets. They both insert their phones to try them out. It seems that Tomas has decided to watch some porn on his and he stands and starts enacting what he is seeing. …

RandyBlue: Diego Falco, Anthony Bond (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 21, 2016 (RandyBlue: Diego Falco, Anthony Bond)

Anthony Bond is waiting for Diego Falco to arrive. Once he does, they start to make out. Diego asks for a massage. They strip down and Anthony pulls out the lotion. He lathers it up and starts to rub up and down Diego’s taut and hard body. Diego then flips over and lets Anthony rub his pecs. As Anthony grinds up on him, he notices that Diego is hard. Anthony pulls it out and starts to immediately deep throat it. …

NextDoorRaw: Fresh Dick (Gabriel Cross, Chris Blades) (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 21, 2016 (NextDoorRaw: Fresh Dick: Gabriel Cross, Chris Blades)

Unsatisfied with his relationship and bored at home, Gabriel Cross works his app matches to find a nice new squeeze to mess around with. Chris Blades is just surfing for a nice piece of ass, and when he comes across Gabriel’s profile, they instantly set something up. Chris tells Gabriel he’s ready to pound that ass raw, and Gabriel is already stroking himself through his shorts at the thought of it. When Chris arrives, they waste no time getting down to it, as Gabriel falls to his knees and begins sucking off this new stranger. …

MormonBoyz: Elder Holland And Elder Oaks: Ordination (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 21, 2016 (MormonBoyz: Elder Holland And Elder Oaks: Ordination)

Elder Holland and Elder Oaks waited together in a small room, undressed down to their sacred garments, seated closely next to each other. With nothing to do, the two boys gently rubbed their legs together, enjoying the opportunity to be even slightly intimate. They wished they could just return to their room and fuck each other senseless, but the Brethren had called on them again. …

MenPOV: Picnic and a 9-inch Dick (FX Rios, Mason Lear)


Data Released: Dec 21, 2016 (MenPOV: Picnic and a 9-inch Dick: FX Rios, Mason Lear)


LatinBoyz: Cristian, Rascal


Data Released: Dec 20, 2016 (LatinBoyz: Cristian, Rascal)


HardBritLads: Edward Fox, James Carter


Data Released: Dec 20, 2016 (HardBritLads: Edward Fox, James Carter)


FuckerMate: Breaking Bed (Viktor Rom, Axel Max) (Bareback)


Data Released: Dec 13, 2016 (FuckerMate: Breaking Bed: Viktor Rom, Axel Max)

It’s early morning in sunny Barcelona: our dominant top Viktor Rom is in the terrace, having breakfast with Axel Max, a sexy new mate that we are happy to introduce you this week in this EXTRA release. When they finish their coffee Viktor invites his buddy to enter in the house: in a minute Axel is on his knees, sucking and deep-throating Viktor’s huge latin cock. The fucking session that follows is so intense that Viktor breaks the bed and the two mates end up shagging with the mattress on the floor!


MeninosOnline: Leo Felipo, Pietro, Bruno


Data Released: Dec 22, 2016 (MeninosOnline: Leo Felipo, Pietro, Bruno)



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