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MEN (Drill My Hole): Peepers, Part 5 (Aspen, Leo Fuentes)


Data Released: Nov 6, 2016 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Peepers, Part 5: Aspen, Leo Fuentes)

Aspen is on the job cleaning Leo’s window and happens to catch him undressing. Leo is loving the attention and decides to tease him a little before opening up the window and receiving Aspen’s eager rock hard cock in his wet mouth.


MEN (Drill My Hole): Blind, Part 2 (Diego Sans, Trey Turner)


Data Released: Nov 5, 2016 (MEN (Drill My Hole): Blind, Part 2: Diego Sans, Trey Turner)

Trey Turner takes a pounding from stud Diego Sans after discovering his lie. Trey’s ass takes all of Diego’s dick as he’s fucked from behind. After slobbering some more on Diego’s perfect meat, Trey sits on top and bounces on that hard cock before Diego drills his member deep into Trey until both men cum in ecstasy.


SeanCody: Jack, Samuel: Bareback


Data Released: Nov 5, 2016 (SeanCody: Jack, Samuel)

Jack and Samuel are both big muscle guys who absolutely look great together. There was a bit of competition as to who was stronger… comparing muscles, teasing each other, joking around… just like old workout buddies. Jack really enjoyed the company, “I wouldn’t mind a workout partner everyday doing these… glad I got this one!” Samuel clearly did too, “I know what else I could do every day with you!” He was really excited to bottom for the first time, “I got a virgin little asshole, so we’re gonna see what we can do with it!” Lucky for him, Jack was there to assist! There’s nothing like two burly men going at it in a battle of the Titans!


CorbinFisher: Hugh Fills Up Steven (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 5, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Hugh Fills Up Steven)

Hugh wastes no time breaking in Steven for his first bottom! Hugh kisses Steven and they both strip down as they make out. You’ll notice that Steven wasn’t kidding about being excited to do his first bottom scene – he’s practically breaking out of his boxers! Hugh works his way up and down Steven’s big dick, then Steven returns the favor. As Hugh eases his dick into him, Steven is in disbelief and can hardly believe what he’s feeling. Switching to a riding position, we get full view of Steven chock-full of Hugh’s cock. …

MenAtPlay: ICE (Hector De Silva, Robbie Rojo)


Data Released: Nov 4, 2016 (MenAtPlay: ICE: Hector De Silva, Robbie Rojo)

Hector De Silva obviously couldn’t get enough of Robbie Rojo the last time they got together, because he’s asked for another go at that tasty hole… and who are we to refuse? And this time we take the action to the wild outdoors. Robbie is summoned to a desolate location for a valuable delivery of some stolen diamonds. However the meeting takes an unexpected turn when Hector discovers the quality of the diamonds is not as promised, and the peaceful exchange turns into a violent pursuit with both men struggling on the dusty ground, fighting to be top man. …

WilliamHiggins: Martin Gajda, Nikol Monak (RAW, CHERRY BUSTING)


Data Released: Nov 5, 2016 (WilliamHiggins: Martin Gajda, Nikol Monak)

Martin Gajda is such a sexy guy and today he gets his cherry busted by Nikol Monak. Martin has done several scenes where he has been a top. But this scene has him taking a big hard cock up his ass for the very first time. It all starts with Martin and Nikol sitting on the sofa kissing each other. Then Nikol has Martin bare-chested, with his cock out. He sucks on Martin’s rock hard cock, licking up and down the thick shaft oo. Then Nikol leans back and lets Martin get to work on him. Martin soon has Nikol’s throbbing cock in his mouth abd sucking it as he looks up into those sexy eyes. …

Staxus: Touch My Meat, Sc.2 (Mike Cole, Milan Sharp) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 6, 2016 (Staxus: Touch My Meat, Sc.2: Mike Cole, Milan Sharp)

Horny Flip-Floppers Gorge On Hard Cock & Almost Drown In Jizz!
Given what he surely knows is stuffed inside Milan Sharp’s pants, it’s probably no real wonder that young Mike Cole can’t resist tugging at them when he’s given the opportunity to massage and caress his buddy’s back. Indeed, let’s be perfectly honest, failure on his part to make a beeline for Sharp’s most private quarters would almost certainly rank as some kind of gross negligence! After all, the reputation of Sharp’s cock almost certainly precedes it; and it will certainly come as no surprise to anyone that the schlong is badly engorged and clearly looking for action when Cole finally pulls it from its sweaty home and begins to feast on the hard, delicious flesh. …

MormonBoyz: Elder Dobrovnik, Initiation (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 6, 2016 (MormonBoyz: Elder Dobrovnik, Initiation)

The cum is still dripping from Elder Dobrovnik’s hole when President Ballard orders him to to his feet. President Ballard’s nephew is standing by his uncle. Dobrovnik was so dazed by the deeply pleasurable pounding the boy gave him that he didn’t notice the boy stand up. Elder Dobrovnik had never been with another boy his own age growing up. He had girlfriends, but hadn’t thought about boys sexually. But he was just having sex with another boy…his mission president had just instructed his nephew to fuck him while the president watched. …

HelixStudios: Stuffed (Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross, Wes Campbell) (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 6, 2016 (HelixStudios: Stuffed: Blake Mitchell, Logan Cross, Wes Campbell)

Little Logan Cross has THE cutest laugh ever; which is why his buddies Blake Mitchell and Wes Campbell have him pinned to the bed in a rip roaring tickle fight! Pretty soon the guys are tickling each other’s pickles and lil’ Logan is serviced at either end by his more experienced friends. It’s definitely service with a smile as Blake’s big beast dangles at Logan’s lips while Wes is buried in the back end eating Logan’s little hole. …

HairyAndRaw: Pup Sol, Wolfcub (Bareback)


Data Released: Nov 3, 2016 (HairyAndRaw: Pup Sol, Wolfcub)

In the role of Handler, Wolfcub’s got a willing hairy submissive who wants to learn how to be a pup and live the fetish lifestyle. But does he have what it takes to be a pup? Training begins with a mask, and then some time in the cage. Wolfcub proceeds to give Pup Sol some commands, rewarding him with play time with a bit of tug-o-war and playing with his ball as he gets his growl down just right. Obedient and attentive, Pup lets himself go and truly finds the spirit of being a pup, which is equal parts playful, submission, obedience, and in this instance, sex slave. …


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