UKHotJocks: Rough Muscle (Nick North, Gaston Groupier)


Data Released: Oct 7, 2016 (UKHotJocks: Rough Muscle: Nick North, Gaston Groupier)

Dominant muscle master Nick North steps up and talks Gaston Croupier through whats about to happen, absolutely asserting his dominance from the very start! Calling him ‘boy’, open his mouth to spit in and slapping his pert bubble butt hard, he’s most certainly in charge. Pushing him down so he can have the height advantage, grabbing his harness and puling him in close he slowly dribbles out an offering to the sub who gratefully collects it open mouth. Pushing his head down further but lifting his ass up high, it’s a fucking slap fest, his perfectly juicy butt just begs to be beaten as well as eaten out! …

Nick pulls his cheeks apart and goes to town on his hole, tongue, fingers all warming him up for his aching hard cock. Pulling him back he slides deep into him, Gaston is an experienced bottom and take him with a painful pleasure, squeezing tight to let his Dom know he’s enjoying it. Enough foreplay, time to fuck hard. Using his harness for it’s intention he grabs hold and pounds him like he’s going to run away! Noisy Gaston groans with every deep thrust. Nick works his way over the top of him and pile-drives him into the bench, the muffled screams of the sub can still be heard, face pressed into leather. Time to let the boy do some work, Nick lays back and makes Gaston ride him, smacking his peachy bouncing ass just for fun as he does. Holding him up Nick power thrusts in to Gaston’s fuckhole, if you thought he was loud before this takes the prize! Rolling him back in a scissors split, Nick shows off his flexibility by changing from laying down into missionary with out straining a muscle, only to fuck the cum out of noisy Gaston. He’s not done with him yet, facial time as the Dom blows his load over a sweaty, panting and still eager face.




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