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MEN (Str8 to Gay): His Royal Highness, Part 2 (Connor Maguire, Jack Hunter)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (MEN (Str8 to Gay): His Royal Highness: Connor Maguire, Jack Hunter)

The Prince is struggling to shed his royal duties and snap out of army mode. Mischievous fun-loving Harry comes to the forefront once Jack Hunter jumps in bed with him. Jumping on top, Jack rides that royal cock letting it bounce in and out of his ass until Prince Harry flips him over and takes him from behind. Jack sprays his cum onto his stomach and waits for Harry’s warm load to douse his face in an explosion of cum.


CorbinFisher: Breaking In Steven (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (CorbinFisher: Breaking In Steven)

Kellan is excited to break in newcomer Steven, especially when he hears that he hasn’t even kissed a guy. Well he starts with that – but they get into a lot more! He leads Steven and Alexa, blending the familiar with added new sensations. When he unbuckles Steven’s pants, his big hard dick is straining out of his boxers. Kellan smiles as he sees how into it Steven truly is, then starts sucking his cock. Kellan shares Steven’s cock for a bit, though he’s anxious to have it for his own. …

MenAtPlay: Prenuptial (Aitor Bravo, Hector De Silva)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (MenAtPlay: Prenuptial: Aitor Bravo, Hector De Silva)


CockyBoys: Hop on Top (Dato Foland, Boomer Banks) (Flip Fuck)


Data Released: Sep 15, 2016 (CockyBoys: Hop on Top: Dato Foland, Boomer Banks)

Boomer Banks and Dato Foland have hooked up on cam before but they’re both tops so nobody knew who was fucking who. Turns out they decided to flip fuck for this scene so everybody gets a turn! They start out kissing by the window as the afternoon light pours into the living room. Boomer takes the lead and pulls Dato’s pants off before sitting him back in the chair and diving on his cock. Now Boomer is known for his enormous uncut but Dato is no slouch. It’s amazing to hear Dato moan as his thick piece of meat slowly disappears inside Boomer’s mouth. …

BaitBuddies: Jason Barr, Anthony Jones


Data Released: Sep 15, 2016 (BaitBuddies: Jason Barr, Anthony Jones)

Jason Barr returns as this week’s bait. You may notice that he’s changed his appearance a little by growing some facial hair which looks great on him! Jason is a champ and he loves nothing more than men in general but a hair man with a big cock is his optimal choice! We bring in Anthony and introduce him to Jason. Anthony was born in Texas but raised in Alabama so he has a little southern in him. Anthony says he’s here to do porn because after dancing in clubs in his underwear, he was told by several people that he would be great for porn. …

TimTales: Denis Sokolov 3Way (Fostter Riviera, Rodolfo, Denis Sokolov) (Bareback)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (TimTales: Denis Sokolov 3Way: Fostter Riviera, Rodolfo, Denis Sokolov)

This week we got 27 minutes of intense bareback fucking and loading! For the bareback debut of Denis Sokolov, we got him Timtales Exclusives Rodolfo and Fostter Riviera. Two competitive massive cocks ready to use and abuse this strong muscular body. Turns out they were so excited they needed to cum twice; Fostter cums on Denis’ back while Rodolfo slowly injects him deeply with his seeds. After being perfectly naturally lubed, Denis took cocks for hours and was left with quite the gapping hole and a big smile…


TimTales: Julio Rey Fucks Carlo Fiero


Data Released: Sep 8, 2016 (TimTales: Julio Rey Fucks Carlo Fiero)

Julio Rey mounts Carlo Fiero with force and passion. He enjoys his body so much, smelling and licking his arm pits, kissing and fucking deep. The room got so humid and sweaty, I had to clean my foggy lens twice. 🙂


RagingStallion: Men of Madrid (Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (RagingStallion: Men of Madrid: Mario Domenech, Viktor Rom)

Horned up Mario Domenech was planning a hot hookup, but at the last minute his trick cancels. Mario’s friend Viktor Rom laughs, teasing Mario for his bad luck. But karma’s a bitch: suddenly Viktor’s hookup cancels too! ‘What now?’ asks Mario. ‘Looks like I’ll fuck you,’ says Viktor. Their beards rub together as they press their lips together, and Viktor prods Mario’s hole with a finger. …

NextDoorWorld: STR8 Bait Hostel: Turn Down Service (Alex Tanner A, Damien Hyde)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (NextDoorWorld: STR8 Bait Hostel: Alex Tanner A, Damien Hyde)

a few bucks on his trip, he’s both anxious and excited to be staying in the hostel, and even though the Madam seems a little odd, Alex tells himself it’s worth the money. Plus, the hostel’s porter, Damien Hyde, is no eye sore. Alex isn’t sure if Damien is flirting with him or if everyone here is just a little forward, but nonetheless, he turns the key and unpacks in his room. …

MenOver30: Frustrated Lover (Austin Carter, Marc Giacomo)


Data Released: Sep 16, 2016 (MenOver30: Frustrated Lover: Austin Carter, Marc Giacomo)

Marc and Austin are at home having a relaxing evening together. Marc is doing some work on his laptop while Austin is on his phone surfing some porn. Marc sees what he’s looking at and becomes a little jealous. He mentions to Austin that he doesn’t need to look at porn when he’s right behind him in the bed. Austin doesn’t want to bother him while he works so watching some porn on the mobile phone is relaxing. …


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