BadPuppy: Alexander Gustavo, Asher Devin


Data Released: Jul 9, 2016

Asher Devin stops by Alexander Gustavo’s after hearing that he can get a Full Package massage. Since he was already attracted to Alexander why not let him give him a little rubdown. Asher is apparently really excited as he strips off his clothes before getting on the massage table. His manhood is basically standing at attention as he gets undressed and lies down on the table. Alexander enters the room again, squirts some massage oil in his hands and slowly starts working it into Asher’s back; but, it does not take long for the sheet to slip down revealing Asher’s asshole which Alexander immediately begins focusing on. …

He likes Asher’s ass so much he crawls up on the massage table and begins working that ass with his own tongue. Alexander notices that Asher’s cock seems to be getting into the act and he reaches down and begins stroking that thick piece of meat as the thumb on his other hand finds its way deep into Asher’s waiting hole. As Alexander is sucking Asher’s cock and ass he reaches back, pulls off his own shorts and begins working his own hole with his fingers. Asher rolls over showing Alexander his long thick cock which Alexander sucks up right down to the balls. After some intense cock work, Asher rolls over on his knees and Alexander pulls out a double headed black dildo which, after enough spit to lube things up, slides it in and starts working Asher from the inside out. As Alexander fucks Asher’s ass with the black dildo he reaches under and jerks his cock at the same time and you can tell by the look on Asher’s face that he is really getting into it; but, wants the real thing. So, Alexander climbs up on the massage table, shoves his cock deep inside Asher and once settled in begins fucking Asher harder and hard causing the massage table to rock back and forth. Rolling Asher on his back, Alexander holds back his legs and plunges his thick cock back into Asher’s waiting hole and starts fucking all over again. Asher is obviously at the complete edge, he grabs his cock and as Alexander continues to bang his ass he blows a thick, juicy load of cum all over his stomach and chest. Alexander pulls out, jumps up and squirts his jizz all over Asher’s stomach coating Asher completely. Finished and exhausted, Alexander bends down to kiss Asher and at the same time grabs some of the cum and wipes it on Asher’s tongue.




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