ChaosMen: Gerard, Griffin: Serviced


Data Released: Jun 15, 2016

Gerard did not disappoint this day! Wow! He mentioned he fucked ass and throat aggressively before he arrived for his shoots. Despite Griffin living halfway across the country, I knew I needed to fly him in to do this guy’s oral. I am so glad I did! With Gerard hammering the FleshJack the day before, I knew we would be in for a rare treat! Griffin shows him how far down he can suck a giant cock, and he massage’s Gerard?s cock with his throat. Gerard immediately got aggressive once he saw Griffin was a pro. And since he is Bi, there is no awkwardness. A few tender kisses here and there to balance the aggressive face fucking. He grabs a hold of Griffin’s cock, which is dripping from having such an impressive cock to suck. …

I thought Gerard might rim Griffin’s hole if he presented his ass to him, but instead he just rubs his cock around his hole. It seems a little ‘bait and switch’ so I didn’t add those camcaps to the tour preview of the site. So close! Griffin decides to rim his hole instead, and just like Gerard said, he loves having his ass rimmed. Just not get fucked. Maybe he will get there, but with his amazing cock, I am sure you guys will be more eager to see it diving into a guy’s ass. You saw last week how he fucked that toy, and I knew Griffin could handle being used as cum tool. Now you guys are all used to the guys having to jerk their own cocks a bit before nutting, but with the way he nutted from fucking the toy last week, and Griffin’s ability to be deeply throat fucked, I knew he could cum from fucking. His timing is FLAWLESS! This ending is very rare, so I hope you appreciate just how cool it is to see Gerard ram his cock into Griffin mouth until he cums! Within seconds of spilling the second half of his load down Griffin’s gullet, Griffin busts his own load. Despite it ‘only’ being an oral video, DO NOT MISS THIS VIDEO!




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