GuyBone: Ryan tops Knox raw (Ryan Fargo, Knox)


Data Released: May 31, 2016

Ryan Fargo returns! This time barebacking Knox with his long, perfect shaft. Fargo’s furry body was back in full force, topping like the masculine little sex machine he is. The scene started already in progress with Knox on his knees in front of Fargo’s beautiful boner, literally choking that thick cock down to his fuzzy nuts and dark bush. Knox definitely has a gag reflex and shows no shame in gagging while trying to gulp that lengthy member. He’s a trouper. And really, would any of us complain about Ryan ramming his big dick down our throats? No. Likewise, we wouldn’t stop him from fucking our brains out bareback! …

And Knox was definitely down for that ride! When Fargo wasn’t twisting and tweaking his own nipples, he was doing so to Knox. Then he lubed up his finger with SPUNK and slid it in Knox’s tight asshole and began finger banging him. He tickled his backdoor and then inserted his finger again, knuckle deep. Knox was loving it, but clearly wanted that cock bad. Fargo put it in him fully and swelled up immediately. His shaft was thick and veiny, thrusting hard and rough. He told Knox to “fucking take that dick” and Knox did exactly that. Marveling at the sheer size of his cock, Knox sounded in pain, but also pleasure. Fargo was effectively loosening him up, stretching that tight hole how he wanted to. He got Knox up on the bed doggie style, one knee cocked, drilling his dick into that hot ass. Knox aided in spreading his butt cheeks apart so we all could get a great view. Fargo was relentless, fucking him hard from behind. Knox was nothing but moans and cries of thrill. Fargo mounted Knox and fucked him from above. This was my favorite position because it really showed both their asses so splendidly, as well as Ryan’s bouncing balls, slapping Knox’s hairy taint as they screwed…




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