Staxus: Coming Out, Scene 1 (Nicol Cabiria, Dale Cole, John Paul, David Wallet, Frederico Weiss, Julien Breeze, Jay Couple)

Data Released: Mar 31, 2016

Everyone loves an orgy scene; but they’re notoriously difficult to film and the results can often be somewhat disappointing. So it was perhaps surprising that director, Vlado Iresch, chose to open this STAXUS classic with a six boy escapade. In fairness, it’s a short scene and the action is confined to wanking rather than a full-on fuck-fest; but there’s always still something incredibly enjoyable about watching a gang of handsome beauties, not least of all because on this occasion it includes the divinely gorgeous Julien Breeze. …

Indeed, this fantastically fuckable twink is very much the focal point of proceedings here; as his group of horned-up mates proceed to dance, cavort and sip champagne in atypical youthful fashion. Just watching these lads enjoy life is a pleasure in itself; and things only get more intense once they each decide to rid themselves of their swimming shorts. As it happens, Breeze is the last fellow to strip – but the moment his hard shaft springs into the limelight the whole atmosphere seems to intensify, and before you know it every boy in the room has their hand on their dick and is tugging for all they’re worth! Of course, you don’t need to be an expert to realise that it’s not going to be long before every one of these guys is soon set to be spurting like fountains – these buddies are all at the peak of their sexual prowess, after all. Indeed, within seconds a veritable cascade of pent-up man-juice is being sprayed in all directions by every cock in the room, resulting in an unholy trail of jizz that must’ve taken fucking hours to clean up!




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