WilliamHiggins: Dave Cargo, Alan Carly (Screen Test RAW, FULL CONTACT)

Data Released: Mar 2, 2016

In Dave Cargo’s screentest he is paired with Alan Carly. As they sit on the sofa chatting Alan asks Dave if is he ready to try something with another guy and then starts his seduction by massaging his feet. Then Alan begins feeling Dave’s body. As they lose their tee shirts they kiss a little too. Alan leans over and kisses Dave’s nipples. Then the pants come off and they stand up, kissing each other and Alan drops to his knees, pulling Dave’s underwear down to expose his massive cock. Alan takes the big cock in his mouth and starts to suck on it. The cock swells in his mouth, quickly getting very hard. Dave’s balls hang low as his big cock is sucked. …

When it plops out of Alan’s mouth we see just how big that cock is, and so fat too. Alan takes it deep into his mouth sucking hard as Dave grabs his head and fucks. Alan stands up and climbs over a recumbent Dave so that they can 69. As Alan sucks on that big cock some more Dave takes Alan’s into his mouth too. Then they move again, with Alan on his knees. Dave gets behind him and shoves his massive cock deep into the waiting ass. Alan moans as he feels his hole stretched wide and fucked deep. Dave really fucks hard and fast into the hot hole, making Alan moan more. They move again, with Alan on his back wanking himself as Dave continues to fuck his ass. he really pounds Alan’s ass as hard as he can as Alan wanks himself faster and faster. Dave’s huge cock reall works that sexy ass as Alan continues to wank his own cock. Alan dumps his cum as that big cock continues to pound his hole. Then he moves onto his knees again with Dave’s dick deep in his ass. Alan keeps up the moaning as he takes the huge cock. Then Dave pulls out and lays on the sofa for Alan to suck on his big cock again. His head comes off the cock and Dave grabs it and wanks himself to release his cum before the hot mouth closes over the cock again to suck it dry. Then they both go off to the shower to clean up after a great screentest for Dave.




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