DirtyTony: Kayden Gets Dirty

Data Released: Jan 12, 2016

From the first time I saw Kayden Winters, I could tell he was young and hungry for some of my cum. I’m a giver, as most people know, so I decided it was time to bring this stud in for a session and give him a feeding he would never forget. From the first moment I angled my crotch towards his outstretched mouth, I could see he was going to be a nice snug fit around my cock. But he was not at all intimidated. He practically lunged down on my growing cock, and with only a few strokes of his hot smooth mouth, I was hard as a rod. I decided to see just how hungry he was and stretch his throat a bit. He definitely was impressed with my size. We both tossed our clothes off and went at it like we were teenagers just coming out. …

Seeing his arched back as he chowed down on my nut sack was an awesome sight. I reached down and started fingering his flexing hole, and he pressed down on my finger till it was buried in him. His ass was going to fit my cock like a glove.I bent him over and fingered his hole some more to loosen it up, while he throated down on my meat some more. Then he took two fingers (and I have big fingers). He started begging for the cock. He was a champ, he backed down on it. Slowly, he worked it in. He struggled to get all the way down. I think I might be the biggest he’s had. But he kept at it. Then I turned him over and put his leg over my shoulder. I started slow, and then worked in deeper. I took a couple full strokes at him, and I could tell I was still working up to my full cock. My raw cock looked so beautiful in his hole. Soon I was down to the hilt as he took my whole rod in. His whole body was electrified as I pumped him. His smooth hole got me edging in no time, but I held back. I wanted to give him a thorough pounding. I let him straddle me and work on my rod some more as I laid back and enjoyed the ride. He worked his hole open some more, before I flipped him back over and went for a nice deep grind on his hot ass. He started edging close, and then let loose with his load before I pulled out and edged close while he licked my balls. At the last moment, I aimed my cock right at his face and let loose with a gusher of a load. He was coated with cum all over. And he loved it. Said his ass never felt better.




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