UKHotJocks: Lubed 2, The Hole (Andro Maas, Brute Club)

Data Released: Nov 20, 2015

Morning coffee and emails is a perfectly normal way to start any day, Brute Club filters through the junk and the essentials before coming across an intriguing message. Not selling anything but clear instruction and directions to ‘Come to the Mill’, in as many words. Too curious an offer to pass up! Fresh faced and out of place, Andro Mass is trying to keep his wits about him and stay alert inside a dangerous crumbling ruin of a building. He’s expecting company but not sure who it’ll be. Nervous, anxious but still horny nonetheless, his eyes dart around looking for a figure in the distance, while grabbing his crotch with a horny anticipation. …

Brute enters the building with the same anxiety, walking through broken walls and gargantuan empty floors he spots Andro and approaches with a cautious confidence. Before they reach 10 feet of initial distance from each other there is an obvious attraction. The tension is palpable and it doesn’t take long for them to explode in a passionate kiss. Andro drops to his knees, eager to satisfy whatever he has in his jeans and boy does he get a nice surprise! 9 inches of tall standing thick meat, his eyes light up with delight before giving it the sucking of a lifetime! Brute strips his boy pulls open his gorgeous ass cheeks and gets his perfect hole wet before slipping him his massive weapon. Gripping the brick wall for dear life he accepts every inch of him again and again, the brick dust cascading down the whole wall with the action happening up against it. Moving over the an open window Andro climbs up onto the ledge and squats down, giving him perfect access to his hole. Now Brute can really give him an earth shuddering fuck! Andro wants his load and gets into a position where he can splatter his face with all that good stuff! Ropes and ropes of cum cover his ginger beard, turing him on so much he blows almost simultaneously. A seriously explosive fuck!




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