ChaosMen: Cooper Reed, Truman (RAW)


Data Released: Jun 19, 2015

After Truman’s super sensual and hot Serviced video, I really wanted to get him back in quickly to see how he would do with a fuck scene. He started-off by saying he wanted to top, but by the day of the shoot, he just wanted to bottom. They both prepped as if they were going to flip-flop, but Truman kept getting a hard-on when he was doing his prep and came out of the bathroom saying it felt really good and that he just wanted to bottom. Some of it might be that he was not confident he could stay hard to top, but you could tell he thought it was going to feel good. And with that, another bottom is born! I never know if the guys are being honest about their previous experience. He did say that a gay friend and him and hooked up while very drunk, but once you see him in action, it seems a little less believable. …

His cock-sucking is definitely inexperienced, but the dude takes a cock like a pro! Cooper of course is on top of his game, but Truman is the one to watch. He is just as sensual and into it as his Serviced video. I never once catch him checking in with me or the cameras. He is totally lost in bliss! From getting his cock sucked, ass rimmed and fingered, even when Cooper sucks his cock backwards, he is totally lost in the sensations. And when he is getting fucked, you can tell he is in complete ecstasy! His cock is hard to see at some angles, but the dude was bone hard the entire time. It flops around on Cooper’s stomach when he is riding it. The cum shot is extra hot as Truman uses his wicked curve to shoot his load all over Cooper’s abs. It just keeps splatting over and over into the sticky load that coats Cooper’s abs! His cock-head keeps dipping into his own load. Cooper had no problems unloading into his new boy, and I think he was just as impressed with Truman as you will be!




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