DirtyTony: Miles Gets Dirty


Data Released: Jun 3, 2015

I’ve been watching Miles for a while now, he is definitely one of my more enthusiastic models. Takes direction really well, you might say. Plus, he’s definitely not hard on the eyes, as you can see. Miles has the perfect mixture of hard toned body, stubble, tats and attitude that excite me about coming to work. Lately, he’s dropped a few hints that he’d like to get a bit more of my direction one on one. And being the giving guy I am, I decided it was time I gave him some hands-on. I decided to try a different setting and film in one of my rooms I’d never used before, make it a bit special. Miles laying there with his shirt off, and hard muscled body, just ready for action. Ya, let’s do this! Miles jumped right up to lip lock, and let me just say, he is a pretty damn good kisser. …

Then he worked his mouth down my body, to my sides. Whoa, he tossed me onto the bed. That’s new. Peeled my pants off and wrapped his lips on my cock. Miles loves (LOVES) to give head, and, well, he is pretty damn good at it, I have to say. He opened his throat up and took my dick right down to the hilt after just a few strokes. I’m a pretty big guy in the cock department, so it is rare that anyone can take my full tool in their throat. But Miles was determined. Then he worked his way down to my nut sack and took both my balls in his mouth, tumbling them with his tongue like they were marbles. Definitely some hot full service action. The view of him pressing his mouth down on my cock – eyes looking up at me, nice! I got up and straddled him so I could take full advantage of his eager throat. Then, he worked his way up my ass crack, and in moments, his tongue was working my sphincter. I loosened up a bit and let his tongue work its way in. Then Miles flipped over and gave me an excellent view of his ass. He could tell I wanted in, so he straddled me and slid down the full length, till my rock hard cock was buried in his warm hole. Then he got up to wet down my cock some more with his spit, and slid down my bare cock and took it for a serious ride. Miles has some pretty strong leg muscles, so I was able to lay back and let him work my cock for a while. But then it was time for me to take over and grind my rod deep in there. He threw his legs up and welcomed me in. He had not had cock that deep him in a while, I could tell, so I tried to break him in slowly. He loved every minute of it. Now that I had him good and opened up, I kicked it into high gear and gave him a serious pounding. It wasn’t long before he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He asked permission to cum, and I let him. Like a geyser. I held him by the shoulders and worked him hard, then at the last moment, I pulled out, and blasted my load all over his face and chest. Damn, that was nice!




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