WilliamHiggins: Paul Hunter & Matej Borzik (Czech Up)


Data Released: May 23, 2015

Matej Borzik has come to the doctor’s office for a check up. It seems that he couldn’t get hard when having sexy with his girlfriend. Dr Paul Hunter decides on a full examination and tells Matej to strip off, which he does, putting on a gown. Then Matej sits on the examination chair so that Paul can begin his work. Matej puts his legs into the stirrups and raises the robe for Paul to start checking him out. As Paul presses his fingers around Matej’s groin it seems that there is no pain, but Paul thinks and operation can be avoided with some massage. He takes some oil and starts rubbing around Matej’s soft cock. His hands rub over the cock too and soon Paul is pulling on the swelling cock. It grows big and hard under his touch, with the balls tightening. Paul leans over and takes the cock in his mouth. He is an expert sucker and really works the cock well. Paul’s cock gets stiff in his pants as he sucks and he moves up so that Matej can suck him for a while. …

Matej works on that cock, as he wanks his own. Paul then decides that he needs to check Matej’s ass as well and has him move onto his knees. He starts to finger Matej’s tight hole, as he also wanks him. That hole feels good to Paul and he decides his cock needs to check it out too. So he positions himself behind Matej and slides his throbbing cock deep inside. He fuck Matej’s hot ass as Matej moans with each thrust. Matej wanks himself as he takes Paul’s throbbing dick. Paul keeps fucking that hot hole, turning Matej over onto his back. Matej wanks himself as Paul pounds his tight hole. As he takes the cock and wanks himself Matej dumps his creamy juice all over his left leg. Paul keeps fucking, going harder and fast before pulling out to shoot his hot load over Matej’s balls. He milks his cock to drain it as he leans forward to kiss Matej after a very good fuck.




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