DirtyTony – Brian Strowkes & Marten James

Brian Strowkes & Marten James at DirtyTony


Data Released: May 6, 2015

Brian Stowkes has been wanting to get down to some deep tissue action with buddy Marten James for a while now. So when Marten decided to lay back after a long day to relax, Brian realized this was his chance. He slides off Marten’s shoes one by one, and starts massaging his foot like he was fingering a violin. Then he teases them with his tongue and Marten’s nipples get hard fast. He slowly works the tension out of both feet, but then, both studs realize they have a lot of other areas that need some soothing as well. Marten takes over and works his way down from Brian’s nips, then slides off his pants and goes straight to Brian’s butt crack, running his tongue around the edge of Brian’s hole before letting it dive past the sphincter. Brian arches his back to take it all in, so to speak. …

Marten slides his pants down and starts working his own tool while he dives deeper between Brian’s cheeks. Brian quickly flips around and wraps his lips around Marten’s rock hard rod, working it deep into his throat. Marten guides his buddy’s throat down with his hand at the back of Brian’s head. But now Marten is ready to straddle Brian’s hard shaft and slide all the way down that cock until it’s balls deep. In no time, he is riding Brian’s cock, guiding his lean body down onto his buddy’s rod. Brian takes hold of Marten’s hips and starts driving deeper into his warm hole before flipping him over to grind even further. Holding one of Marten’s legs over his shoulder, Brian slams his cock into his buddy’s hole. His cum laden balls smack against Marten’s hole with a full load ready to be unleashed. But Brian holds off and edges himself, letting Marten feel every inch of his thick tool. His butt cheeks flex as he drives it in harder and harder. Marten moans his encouragement, before jumping onto all fours to take it doggy style. Both studs edge themselves close several times, but it is Marten who looses it first, blasting his load all over the bed while Brian is still buried deep in him where he can feel each shot as Marten unloads. Then Brian pulls out at the last second and unloads all over Marten’s back and shoulders.




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