Str8Hell – Paul Fresh & Gabo Cerveny, RAW

Paul Fresh & Gabo Cerveny at Str8Hell


Data Released: Mar 27, 2015

Paul and Gabo RAW – RAUNCHY

In a very good Raunchy duo we have Paul Fresh calling in on a sleeping Gabo Cerveny. But it seems he is visiting on official business, Gabo is suspected of having an accident in a car, and not reporting. So Paul cuffs Gabo who doesn’t want to be arrested and offers to do anything to avoid it. It seems that Paul is up for that and has Gabo kiss his shoes and then sniff his gloves. Gabo then has to open Paul’s pants and suck his cock. That cock is rock hard and fucks in and out of Gabo’s mouth. Gabo sucks the cock really well, and then feels Paul’s nightstick pushed into his mouth too. Paul sits an has Gabo take off the shoes, socks and pants and then start sucking on that big cock again. Having done a good job on sucking Gabo’s ass is next to feel some cock. …

He lays on the sofa, with Paul pounding his tight ass, as a hand is placed over his mouth, smothering his moans. He takes that big cock really well and moves onto his knees, so that Paul can fuck him doggy style. That big, hard cock slams in and out of Gabo’s ass, going real deep. Gabo moans as he feels his hole being stretched to the max. He is moved again, laying on the floor, on his shoulders, legs over his head so that Paul can really slam his big cock in and out of the ass. Paul is soon ready to cum and pulls out to shoot his big, creamy load all over that hot ass. He pushes the cream covered cock back into Gabo’s ass one more time. Then uses his hands to really spread that ass and open up the hole. Gabo then sits on the sofa and wanks his own cock until he cums onto one of Paul’s gloved hands. He wipes that cum over Gabo’s face and takes his leave, saying he will see him later in the week for a drink.It seems that Gabo has got away with not reporting his accident.




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