ChaosMen – Armani & Augustus: RAW Flip-Flop


Data Released: Dec 23, 2014

This is the first time Augustus has just worked with one other guy. His first two videos where TagTeams, and though he held his own, you can tell in this scene that there is a bit more magic there. It helps that Armani is very verbal and dirty talks to him the whole time. I think it opened Augustus up, and brought him out of his shell. Both guys identify as straight, but they both totally got into each other’s builds. Augustus was wishing he could get big and thick like Armani, who in turn appreciated Augustus’s gymnast/swimmer’s build. Augustus pining to have body hair, while Armani wanted to be slick skinned. You always want what you don’t have! …

So there was healthy dose of body envy and worship. Augustus doesn’t wear deodorant, but usually isn?t too musky. Armani thought he smelled real good and started licking on his pits. He eventually rubbed his cock into his pit, then he made Augustus clean his musky cock, going back and forth from pit to mouth! It’s pretty awesome if you love some pit play! That got Augustus horned up to ride Armani’s cock. His cock was hard as he grinded around on Armani, and he almost came that way. I think we may have to do a cum shot where he rides a cock. He was really surprised that it felt so good. Having said that, Augustus is also a great Top as well. That fat cock of his slid right into Armani, who has traditionally usually bottomed. He can take it! Augustus takes advantage of his downward slope by lifting Armani up, and fucking him upside down. How is it that Armani is always getting power fucked upside down!? Armani is very good at cumming while getting fucked, but I wanted Augustus to experience it. So we got him on his back while Armani pounded his hole. You can really tell by the energy they are going full-tilt. Augustus actually hands over his cock to Armani as he is shooting. Armani seems a little surprised but picks up the baton and finishes the race! Given how few times he has Topped, Armani does an amazing job breeding Augustus! What’s even hotter, is watching him cream his hole then they both 69, cleaning each other’s cocks!




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