MormonBoyz – Elder Buckley & Elder Riley, Setting Apart


Data Released: Oct 22, 2014

While a missionary`s primary task is to convert other people, many elders find that in the process they manage to more fully convert themselves. And when these elders return home, they hope to keep alive their feelings and experiences in the mission field. To be sure and steadfast. To endure to the end. Elder Buckley and Elder Riley have learned so much from one another–about love, about obedience, and about sex. They hope they never forget what they have learned as companions. Their priesthood leaders also want to hammer home these lessons. They know how formative these 2 years are for the boys under their jurisdiction, and they know that if they perform their priesthood responsibilities, the boys will be changed forever. …

The most important step, of course, is admitting the boys into the secret, higher order of the priesthood. This semen-drenched rite of passage sticks with the boys lucky enough to be ordained for the rest of their lives. Elders Buckley and Riley sit anxiously and wait for their priesthood leaders. Bishop Angus has asked Patriarch Smith, Brother Newman, and that model missionary, Elder Hardt, to stand in the circle with him. Of course, they`re all thrilled to help ordain hunky Elder Buckley and sexy little Elder Riley. Before they join the boys for the ordinance, they bow their heads and say a prayer in the bishop`s office to guarantee that their hearts are all in the right place. Once they join the boys in the other room, they get right down to business. The two boys are eager to please these handsome men, and they do as they`re told, stripping out of their proselyting clothes, down to their tight white priesthood garments. They feel vulnerable, sitting in the middle of these older men dressed in suits, while they sit there almost naked. But they also feel protected and loved, knowing that they can trust their leaders to do what is right for them. Bishop Angus puts the boys back to back, or butt to butt to be exact, and Patriarch Smith gets to work on Elder Buckley`s massive dick while he takes Elder Riley`s handsome cock in his mouth. They want to get the boys warmed up before showering them in cum. Elder Riley gets hard immediately. Having all these older guys worship him is a fantasy finally coming true. Elder Buckley is a little more nervous, so it takes him longer, but soon his fat dick is stiffening in the patriarch`s sure grip. Brother Newman and Elder Hardt have both started to play with their big hard dicks as they watch the boys get serviced. They`re both eager to get some attention for their throbbing dicks. At a sign from the bishop, they join the circle and begin the process of setting the two boys apart. The naked boys drop to their knees. Brother Newman slips his hard dick into Elder Riley`s wet mouth, and Elder Hardt face-fucks Elder Buckley. Elder Buckley usually likes to be the dominant one, but being taken by another hot young stud is surprisingly exciting. As his face is punished by Elder Hardt, his own balls and dick start to throb with a big load. He`d ask Elder Hardt to keep pounding his throat, but his mouth is full. Elder Riley meanwhile pulls out all the stops on Brother Newman`s dick, licking and sucking like a pro. Brother Newman is impressed with how much the boy has learned in so short a time. Patriarch Smith and Bishop Angus stroke their dicks while thy watch approvingly. The most important moment of setting them apart is when the leaders all cum on the boys` heads. The insemination is a symbol of their intimate bond, and it`s an experience the boys will never forget. The four men performing the ordinance take turns playing with their dicks and fucking the boys` willing mouths, and then when they`re ready they cum on the boys` faces one at a time. Bishop Angus and Brother Neman decorate Elder Riley`s pretty face with their cum, and then Elder Hardt, moaning with pleasure, drops an enormous load on Elder Buckley`s chin. The load is so big the boy doesn`t know what to do at first, but quickly realizes he should lick all the extra cum from the head of the other missionary`s dick. Sometimes priesthood duties are a chore, and sometimes there`s nothing else a hot young mormon boy would rather do.




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