DirtyTony – Anthony Rex & Billy Santoro


Data Released: Aug 27, 2014

Anthony Rex has decided he wants to get into yoga, and Billy Santoro is just the man to give him some proper instruction. Billy starts off, as all good yoga instructors would, showing his new pupil proper stretching and breathing. Billy is a hands on instructor, guiding Anthony’s back and butt into just the right position. But Anthony’s legs aren’t the only thing Billy wants to stretch, and it isn’t long before Anthony’s hot ass is bare and ready for a major rim job. Billy’s stubble gets Anthony’s butt nice and pink as the tongue fucking gets into full swing. …

Now that the stretching is done, it’s time to work on firming exercises, as Billy flips his student over onto the bed to give some much needed attention to his cock. With Anthony’s cock standing tall and thick, Billy decides to unleash his ultra thick cock so Anthony can do some throat stretching of his own. Now that stretching is covered, Billy quickly moves to the naked portion of the yoga exercise and throws Anthony back so he can mount his student’s hard cock. He slides down on Anthony’s thick tool slowly until it’s balls deep in him. Then he rides Anthony hard. Soon Anthony takes over and is driving his cock deep into his instructor showing he’s a quick study. But now it’s time for Anthony to step up to expert level as he flips Billy over to drive his cock in deeper and harder. Anthony’s cum filled balls slapping against Billy’s cock hungry ass is enough to give anyone’s eyes a workout. Stamina is the name of the game in yoga though, and Anthony shows he definitely has it as he bears down on Billy harder and harder. Having mastered that position, Anthony decides its time to try some of his own, and bends his teacher over to give him the full effect of his thick cock. The aerobic workout gets serious when Anthony grabs Billy’s hips for a good pounding. And that is all it takes to push both of our studs right to the edge. Anthony turns his yoga master over and feeds him a massive cum load that flows down his throat and cheeks. Then Billy follows that up quickly and blasts his load all over his shaking abs. Definitely a good yoga workout for novice or expert.




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