FrenchDudes – Logan Aballo & Steeve


Data Released: Aug 28, 2014

Today’s Special: Tender Spit Roasted Beef.

Logan Aballo and Steeve are both new’cummers to FrenchDudes and we think you’re going to enjoy watching them as much as we did filming them. Wait until you see Logan’s cock and balls; it’s tea bag heaven! Here’s the scoop. The owner of the cafe where they work has to leave for an appointment. As soon as he’s out the door, Steeve takes a smoke break and Logan isn’t too happy and let’s Steeve know about it. Thinking with “both heads,” Logan gives Steeve an ultimatum, one I certainly wouldn’t refuse; “Suck my dick and I won’t tell the boss.” Being the “cock lover” he truly is, Steeve opens wide. …

Notice the open window behind them? Down on his knee’s sucking Logan’s cock, Steeve pulls out his own and starts stroking. Steeve now lays back on the seat and Logan is “all in” sucking his cock, licking his balls and even takes in a little fun rimming that sweet pink shaved hole. Now that’s one Grade A Prime Rump Roast there boys. With Steeve’s big soft skinned smooth balls hanging in Logan’s face while he rims, Steeve does a little “handywork.” Seems as though Logan can’t make up his mind what he wants more; cock, balls or ass. Then Steeve wants a little more of Logan’s cock and I’m loving the view of his big low hangers. What can I say, I’m a sucker for big balls 🙂 Stepping “up” the action, Logan bends Steeve over the on the chair, slips on a glove and starts to prepare “today’s special”: A Tender Spit Roasted Beef Topped With A Rich Cream Sauce. Ah yes, that all too familiar sound that I love to hear; “fwap fwap fwap” as Logan pounds away at Logan’s ass. Getting close, Logan kicks back on the chair and Steeve takes over working Logans’ cock. Even as Logan’s balls tighten up just before cumming, they’re still impressive in size and best a many men. Steeve crouches on the floor in front of Logan awaiting his well deserved treat while stroking his own cock. Voila! the final preparation; a rich creamy sauce to top things off.




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