MilitaryClassified – Davenport-Nevada / Anal Group


Data Released: Aug 15, 2014

Today I’m bringing back a couple of military studs that have never met each other before today. Davenport is a newbie really and Nevada… well.. he’s a veteran! literally! Today they are going to team up and take on my ass and I’m going to make these boys nut at the same time but with a little twist…with Nevada in my ass and Davenport in my mouth cumming at the same time and I caught it all on tape! When I told Davenport about the scene, he became instantly nervous but when I told him how much he would make he said.. “damn, ok i’ll do it”. …

When he arrived at the studios he was still nervous and not as enthusiastic about the shoot, in fact a little nervous. Nevada arrived soon after and when I introduced these guys to each other, they didn’t say very much to each other and that was priceless! Two straight guys next to each other getting pictures taken naked with hard ons… lol.. That happens every day! We took great photos for our session after we completed all our paperwork first and both of these guys looking great on camera, Davenport with his tan ripped body and Nevada with his porcelain smooth boyish looks. Next we made our way downstairs to my bedroom and began shooting our scene. The guys were side by side and we started with the same old bull shit before I had these guys butt naked next to each other beating their meat! Next I knelt down in between these guys and with one cock in each hand I began to suck these guys off one at at time. Nevada was in rare form, that boy was horny as a mother fucker because his boner was rock hard in seconds. Davenport was no different with his 8 inch python as I nursed it licking and sucking on the foreskin as I sucked this boys cock. Nevada was up first and he took some revenge on my ass today as he nailed me non stop for a good 10 minutes before I had to switch to Davenport because Nevada has definitely loosened me up! Davenport was next and this boy began to pound my ass as well taking turns literally on my ass which drove me crazy! Before long I had to take a break from that monster cock so I switched them back again and within minutes Nevada was in my ass again pounding me to a nut exactly at the same time I was sucking off Davenport in my mouth. A symphony of sex and cum!




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