MenOfMontreal – Mickelo Evans & Kyle Champagne


Data Released: Aug 15, 2014

Taking The Doctor’s Medecine: Studly Dr. Kyle shows Mickelo some TLC – Tender Loving Cock! Kyle Champagne has a creative mind. He showed up on the set for this shoot dressed in hospital scrubs. He wanted to play doctor. Who were we to challenge this Power Tool Top Frenchman? Mickelo Evans was initially up to the challenge until he actually saw his physician’s sizable rectoscope… His nervousness, though, soon made way to headlong pleasure as the doctor’s bedside manners were working their magic. Resting and sporting a brand new Men of Montr?al t-shirt (soon available online!), our patient Mickelo arose to the careful ministrations of his doctor. Who knows why Mickelo was hospitalized, and do we really care? …

Yet, Dr. Champagne listened to his patient’s heart rate only to observe that it was beating much more feverishly as his attentive actions intensified. In turn, Mickelo wanted to check his doctor’s state of well-being. Once he measured the MD’s heart rate, he paid much closer attention to his medical practitioner’s tool of the trade… And we aren’t referring to his stethoscope… So, off Mickelo went, sucking and hardening the luscious European cock he was savouring. The time had come though for our good doctor to inspect his patient’s rectal canal. No K-Y here, as lubricating our sick boy’s anus was, how do we say in Montreal… done ‘au naturel’. Probing his kneeling patient’s butt hole with his 8′ rectoscope, our physician for the day moved quickly to expand and explore… yes, expand and explore more intensely Mickelo’s inner being. Dr. Kyle’s attentive demeanor made way to a much more assertive stance as he kept alternating between checking his patient’s anal condition versus having his anal probe lubricated by Mickelo’s tongue and throat action. We weren’t always sure if Mickelo was feeling ok, whether he was moaning with pleasure or squinting with pain, but ultimately it seemed that his discomfort was manageable, if not disappearing altogether. Nonetheless, our helpful doctor felt it was important to administer some soothing pain medicine as a prophylactic measure. Hence, he served up a couple of tablespoons of a creamy white solution of his own making. Although Mickelo had trouble swallowing all of it, he did appear to find relief in this magic potion as he soon reached a heightened level of relief. It would seem that Dr. Kyle’s bedside manners did indeed aid in dramatically improving his poor patient’s bed-stricken condition… Whatever it was!




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