FrenchDudes – Mikapaf & Jess Royan


Data Released: Aug 14, 2014

First Sneaker Session For Jess: Mikapaf, Jess Royan.

We’re changing things up for Jess Royan in this video. If you’ve watched Jess in his other videos, then you know he is generally the more “dominant top” kind of guy. He’s never filmed anything involving the “sneaker fetish” before. We’ve paired him up with none other than Mikapaf for his first time worshipping the Nikes. Right from the start, Mikapaf asserts himself as the dominant one spitting in Jess’ face, man handling him to the floor to give his Nike’s a tongue bath. With both men having a raging hardon, we’re surely in for a great scene. …

A little tussle back and forth and we begin to wonder if Jess is actually going to let Mikapaf, the younger twink type, dominate him. We’ll just chalk it up to “male hormones.” Jess props a foot up on the stool and Mikapaf goes down to show our novice what sneaker worship is all about and how it’s done. Jess has his mind on Mikapafs’ hard cock, not to mention wanting his cock serviced some more. In true fetish form, Mikapaf holds a Nike close as he sucks Jess. This goes back and forth between the two before Mikapaf then “raises the bar” or rather Jess’ ass in the air. First a little foot play with Jess ass, then out comes the condom and up goes Mikapafs’ cock while slapping Jess ass along the way. Ah yes, now we get a look at that young tender ass of Mikapaf as well. Shoving his cock deep inside Jess, slapping his ass cheeks, we watch Jess ass redden before our eyes. I think we should have brought bigger condoms. Mikapaf has already broken through a couple. Once the new condom is adorned, Mikapaf continues to pound away. Now close to blowing his load, Mikapaf pulls out and let’s Jess suck on him for a while before the two finish jerking off side by side. Almost in sync, the two men cum within seconds of one another.




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