AllAmericanHeroes – Private Seth Fucks Sergeant Miles


Data Released: Aug 5, 2014

Sergeant Miles needs an emergency medical procedure refresher course, and Private Seth is only too happy to oblige. It doesn’t take too long before the tourniquet falls loose and the blood starts flowing to their main veins. Nothing is quite as hot as watching American Heroes go mouth to mouth as they strip off their cammies. With Miles fully resuscitated, Seth immediately goes to work on his buddy’s bulging cock, taking full-throat strokes on that big corn fed tool. But why should Seth have all the fun, when two can play at that game as they get some hot 69 action in? …

The hot oral maneuvers finish off with Miles’ big paws grabbing Seth’s ass and pulling him for the deepest throating he’s ever given. Now that both our studs have their rods standing at attention, it’s Seth’s turn to teach his buddy some emergency butt pounding exercises. And boy, does our Sergeant get a good training session. All good pounding sessions should start off with some major tongue fucking, and Seth demonstrates just how much of an expert he is, driving that hot tongue deep and then running it around the edge before diving it back in. Miles’ amazing ass is in skilled hands. By the time Seth reaches two fingers, Sergeant Miles decides it’s time to issue the order to commence fucking. And Seth is only too happy to follow that order and shoe horn that hot cock deep into Miles’ creamy ass. Nothing is hotter than getting fucked from behind while the top grabs the bottom’s head and draws him in for some deep lip locking. Beads of sweat roll off Seth’s perfectly toned body as this intense PT session goes into overtime. Seth drives deeper and deeper into his buddy until he can’t hold back his moans. Seth’s skills go into overdrive as he bends his Sergeant over for one last hot jack-hammer session. Rank does have it’s privileges and one of those is getting Seth’s huge creamy load shot down Mile’s wide open mouth. That is an amazing cum shot!




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